Want to know how God is working in your life?-Isaiah 46:10

Do you know how a good director makes a movie?We’re told that they shoot the last scene first,then go back to the beginning and then they make every scene towards it.That’s how God works with you.First,God establishes a purpose,then He decides a procedure.That’s why He is not nervous when you are nervous and when you are wondering how and if things are going to work out.God has already set your end.You may be very tired of it all and you may be struggling wondering if you’re going to make it,but God knows you will make it,because He’s already planned it all out.(Read Jeremiah 29:11)

It works like this:before there’s a building,there’s a blueprint.The architect has already put every detail on paper.So when you are confused about where you are and what you should be doing,all you have to do is consult with God and ask Him to share with you the part of the blueprint necessary for you to understand where you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

At times you may ask yourself,”Why am I having to go through this”?Why have I had to wait so long?Even though it may be hard for you to understand and endure the storms of life that God allows into your life understand that He is leading you in the way that He is to get you closer to the destiny that He has planned for you.God is leading you on the pathway to His higher purposes for your life.God is building you into some one bigger,some one better and some one extraordinary.God will impart you with His strength every day.You will be able to withstand the pressure and the storms that life forces upon you.Anything that is well made,is made slowly;with God,the quality goes in before the name goes on.

When God assures you of your purpose,you will no longer have fear and you won’t be intimidated by your circumstances,because you will know that all your circumstances have to bow to God’s blueprint for your life which holds your purpose in life!So don’t let fear,worry,doubt,anger and bitterness keep you bound anymore,shake it off and walk with God knowing that your very best is still yet to come!

Want clues to God’s purposes for your life?  Read and study your Bible daily and allow God to speak to you,however He chooses!

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