Your Right Times Will Come…eventually!

Seekinggod3Did you know that There is a natural flow to all of life, nature and the universe?  A flower blossoms, but only when it is ready.  A child starts to walk at the right time. Love is fulfilled at the perfect moment.  It is darkest just before the dawn.  God comes through in the eleventh hour.

Remember a time when you were in the flow or in the zone.  You were just there, present in that moment.  This is when the best things happen and miracles occur!

Good things can take time to build, and your decision and commitment immediately starts the process of its creation.  With every thought, feeling, word and deed, you move toward your dreams.  So Use your creative imagination.  God has created you to be a MEGA Magnet, attracting the highest and best for your growth and evolution.

Continue to focus your thoughts, energy, words and actions in the direction of what you want to create, daily asking God to help you.  Feel how what you want would feel.  See what it would look like.  Say what you would say to yourself.

Use your imagination and pictures and feelings.  Fully associate with what you are seeking God for and believing God for.

Keep Your faith in God and your vision focused and consistent.  Even in difficult situations or economic times, opportunities are always present.  All things are possible, there is GOLD DUST in the air. God may have allowed you to have problems, but there is hidden treasures in the problems that God has allowed you to have, and you’ll never find the treasure that is hidden in your problems if you give up easily and fail to seek God daily for His help in leading you to it.


Remember, a farmer doesn’t dig up the new seeds he planted to check on the plant.  Whether you want to improve your health, break an addiction or negative pattern, create a better relationship, business or financial goal, you can do it, you just have to keep going.

Stay positive and associate with positive people who support you.  Use your energy wisely and do not share your dreams or innermost desires with negative and unsupportive  people.  It depletes your energy.

The good you are seeking is also seeking you.
Stay open, positive and expect miracles.



:)– Lee