When Things Look Hopeless Turn To God!

“It will be all right.” (2 Kings 4:23)

“It is well.” (2 Kings 4:26)

Elisha promised a son to a childless woman; he proclaimed this miracle and it came to pass exactly as he had predicted. But a few years later, tragedy struck. The little boy died. In her darkest moment, this mother, smitten with grief as any mother would be, declared a few startling words to her husband: “It will be all right.” She spoke faith with her words. Then she saddled a donkey and flew to find Elisha. Elisha saw her coming and knew immediately that something was very wrong. He sent his servant to run to meet her and find out. Her response to the question was a declaration of faith, “It is well.”

Was this woman prone to telling falsehoods? Things were not well nor were were they alright. This was the worst moment of her life. But when she had audience with the man of God, she told him the whole story. He went directly to her little boy and raised the dead.

When things look hopeless for us, we naturally rehearse and underscore the hopelessness with our words. Not so the woman from Shunem. She put her faith to work with her words. This is our challenge today: speak the Truth of the matter. As we’ve often heard Brother Kenneth Copeland say, “The Truth trumps the facts.” The facts may look grim, even hopeless, but the Truth that is found in God’s Word – His promises for my situation – are stronger, more potent, more real, and much more powerful than the grimmest situation I face today.

So elevate that Truth, magnify the Lord, and minimize the problem with your words.



I declare over the challenge I face today that, “It will be alright!” All is well because You are my God. You are bigger than any mountain I am facing. Nothing is too difficult for you. Everything is possible for those who believe. I believe! I celebrate the amazing power that you have put in my mouth. My tongue declares the truth, not merely the facts. For you are the Truth and the Truth sets me free.

In Jesus’ Name Amen

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