Want an escape?Take a minute to imagine!

Imagine if you will that you are in Hawaii on a deserted island with the water and the winds blowing up against your face. The weather is absolutely perfect, you are feeling as free as a bird and you are feeling really good! Imagine if you will that you find yourself laying on the beach and you are surrounded by a person that you love. You are happy and you feel happy, the conditions of your heart is right and so is your mind.  If you’ve entered into this state of relaxation, in your mind’s eye dream a little.  What would you do if you knew that it would be impossible to fail? Who would you be if you knew that it would be impossible to fail? What kind of work would you do if you knew that any job or opportunity or career you wanted you could have? The sky is the limit, what would you do? Who would you be? What would you do? What would your family and life situations and circumstances be like? Take as long as you need to think on these things. How would it be? Would you be happy? Would you be famous? Would you be doing a job or would you be in an opportunity that you really really love instead of in an opportunity or job that you use just to get by? What key factors would have to change to make your dreams become a reality?

     If you have freely allowed yourself to think about it, then you have discovered what God has placed in your heart for you to be, you have discovered what God has placed in your heart to do, and what God has placed in your mind to achieve. So with that being said, what’s truly stopping you from achieving the things that you really really want and what’s stopping you from being who you really want to be? Is it you? Is it circumstances? Is it fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of what others will think or what others will do? Who’s the culprit for holding you back? Who’s the culprit for robbing you of your true destiny? Who’s the culprit for depriving you of true happiness? The word of the Lord clearly states, For with God, nothing shall be impossible –  Luke 1:37. If nothing is impossible with God then that means that all you have to do is decide to give yourself permission to achieve the dream you just outlined in your mind. The quickest and easiest way to achieve your dream is while you are thinking about it,  jot down your ideas, your desires and your wants and situations and circumstances. Once they have been written down the best thing to do is to take a close assessment of your life where you are right now. After you have taken a clear and close assessment of where you are right now, you have to look at your dreams and goals that you have written down and determine what would be the steps necessary to achieve your goals, your dreams and your aspirations.
     If you are unsure or unclear as to how to reach your goals, your dreams and your aspirations, that is when you will need to ask God for help and guidance on how to reach your dreams. God will guide you and steer you in the way He feels is best for you. If your dreams or goals are totally not His plans for your life, He will advise you and steer you in a different direction because your dreams and desires could be heavily influenced by tainted sources or could be heavily influenced by clouded desires or visions that someone else has imposed upon you and you could be thinking that it is your desire when it is actually their desire for you. Never worry about what others will say about you or your dreams. People were talking about you when you were born into this world and they are always going to be talking about you. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad, consider them a source of advertising for you, in which you don’t have to pay them, but they give you name recognition which sparks people’s interests towards you and encourages them to get to know you for who you really are. Stare fear in the face and decide that to not experience your destiny is more terrifying than to step into it.
     Stare excuses in the face and decide that if anything is going to be different you must be willing to change, and in order for you to change you must begin, and in order to begin you must act, and in order to act you must decide. Stare situations and circumstances in the face and decide that in order for them to change, you must change. The choice is yours.  Imagine if you will…..who you would be and how your life would look if it you knew it was impossible to fail, your destiny depends on it….It’s all up to YOU because God is ready when you are!  Are you ready to walk into the destiny that you’ve imagined? If you are simply walk forward towards God, after all He is waiting for you!