The mystery of unanswered prayers!

Have you ever prayed and prayed only to find that some of your prayers go unanswered? Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it and no matter how hard you prayed to God, He just didn’t grant your prayer request? Well we know the feeling. We too have prayed and prayed and prayed only to not always get the exact thing that we had hoped for or prayed to God for. We began to wonder about this and then to think about this and then to seek God to discover why some prayers were just not answered no matter what and no matter how long we prayed. It was during this soul searching process that God led us to discover and realize that some prayers are not answered no matter how long you pray, no matter how long you wait and no matter what you do because God has a better way. God has a better plan, He has a better strategy, and a different route that you can take that is not the same as what was prayed for or believed for.

     So, it’s not that prayer doesn’t work. It’s not that sowing a seed to reap the desired harvest doesn’t work, and it’s not that waiting on God doesn’t work, some prayers are simply not answered because God has a better way for you! Proverbs 3:6 states “In all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your paths”, so essentially if you carefully analyze that scripture it reveals that it is in your acknowledging God that you allow Him to direct your path. Because you are allowing God to direct your path, you have given Him your implied permission to direct your path which means NOT answering your prayers a “certain way” if indeed He has a better way for your life.

     We meet so many people who go around mumbling and complaining about how God is not answering their prayers and how things are not working for them even though they have been praying so long and naming things and claiming things and what they don’t realize is that their prayers NOT being answered is often blessings in disguise.  We’ve found this in our own lives to be true that oftentimes God not answering prayers is really blessings in disguise. Have you prayed and prayed and some of your prayers have not been answered? Did you know that some of your own biggest blessings in disguise has been God NOT answering some of your prayers? If what you have prayed for was good for you, God would have given it to you for Psalm 84:11 states “No good thing will God withhold from you if you walk uprightly”. So since we believe that you walk uprightly, we have a suggestion for you, instead of focusing on the prayers that God hasn’t answered for you yet, we’ve like to encourage you to join us in this simple prayer and seek God for the better ways that He has in store for you in response to previous unanswered prayers that you may have prayed to get new answers for His better ways for you;  

Dear God,
Thank you for Jesus, and thank you for the privilege of creating Him as your 1 and only son and giving me the privilege of being able to fall in love with Him. Please forgive me for not understanding that some of my unanswered prayers have been blessings in disguises. I humbly come before you seeking your forgiveness and your grace to accept the new and better ways that you have in store for me for the unanswered prayers that I have submitted to you through previous prayer and supplication. Father, I do want you to continue to direct my steps and protect me from the schemes,snares and schemes of the devil and lead me to the better ways that you have for me. Lead me on the safe and sure pathways that lead me to the better ways that you have for me in Jesus name I ask and pray – Amen