You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

Psalm 139:13-16

While the Bible was not written to be a scientific journal on the human body, it is amazing how much is included in the Scriptures that has to do with this subject.

Frequently, we come across statements that specifically mention how God designed our anatomy and put us together emotionally. One of the most phenomenal revelations of His workmanship is found in Psalm 139, where we read of how closely and carefully God watched over our being formed while we were still in our mothers’ wombs. Locate that important chapter in your Bible and focus your attention on Psalm 139:13–16. Take your time as you meditate on what you’re reading. Pay close attention to several things:

1. How He literally created your inner organs (Psalm 139:13)
2. How He “knit [you] together” during those nine months (139:13 NIV)
3. How remarkably He made you into the person you are (139:14)
4. How He shaped your bones (“frame”) in your prenatal state (139:15)
5. How skillfully and well He superintended your formation (139:15)
6. How He personally determined the days of your life (139:16)

God gave us our own emotional make-up, our particular mental abilities, our artistic talents, our athletic coordination—everything about us is unique, even our digestive system! When we come to realize that God was and still is “intimately acquainted” with everything about us (as we read in Psalm 139:13), we begin to take our health, especially the way we treat our bodies, far more seriously. In light of that, Doesn’t it makes good sense for us to become better students of ourselves . . . and to call a halt to habits that are hurtful and harmful?

On that subject, make a list of three things that you think would be wise to stop doing because God has made you fearfully and wonderfully, for the sake of your health:


-Charles Swindoll