God Sized Changes Require God sized Faith!

The road to salvation is the road to faith; Seek now the answers to your questions, ask for guidance and whatever it is that can fill your doubts. God cannot save you. Only your faith in God ever can.

What do you believe in? Is your faith strong enough?

Some people believe in God, some people don’t. Some people believe in the law of attraction, others don’t.

But not all people who say they believe in God truly put their FAITH in God at all times. Not all people who believe in God believe Him to be a good and perfect God of unconditional love. That is why when moments of trials come, these people can easily blame their own God. Why blame God when you believe God is good? Why feel helpless when you believe that the All-Powerful God loves you? Why be afraid? Why be unhappy?

Without faith, man is like a lost leaf being tossed about by the wind. With FAITH however, man can do the impossible!

With faith, mountains can be moved, miracles can take place. And even when all else seems dark and hopeless, the person who has  strong faith is happy. He is happy because he believes that things will turn out in his favor.

“I have faith in my abilities,” a man says. And so he remains confident no matter how many people try to persuade him against his dreams.

“I have faith in my beloved,” a woman says. And so she remains happy and at peace even if someone says bad things against her husband.

Faith heals. Faith makes a way where there seems to be no way.

For a man who believes that God gave us all the power and the freedom to reach for the deepest desires of our hearts, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Success and happiness will be with him always. He will not sabotage his own victories. He will not feel unworthy of all the blessings being showered upon him. His faith has opened up for him the gates of prosperity and joy and no one can steal his happiness away from him.

A man who believes in the abundance of the Universe will never be poor. THE LORD PROVIDES, he proclaims. Even when robbers steal his money away, he will not remain penniless. His treasures will come back to him and he will be even richer than before.

Such a man’s faith is not anchored in the material things that he possess. His faith is in heavenly riches that no thief can ever take way from him.

Where is your FAITH? Would you like to believe in the goodness of life? Would you like to believe you can be happy and victorious? Choose your faith, forge it, and then be blessed!

‘According to your faith, be it done unto you’, Jesus said.