God will change what you’re struggling with eventually!

It can be hard to keep trusting in the Lord and expecting His goodness in your life when your circumstances appear to be stagnant. No 1 likes stagnation including God but Remember your circumstances did not happen overnight, so in most cases they will not be changed overnight. True change takes time. God specializes in stagnant situations and He specializes in bringing about good things out of bad things. He will bring something good out of anything bad that has happened to you. God does His best work in deplorable situations that defy human answers and deplorable situations that everyone else have given up on. Your stagnation allows God the opportunity and the space for Him to be able to do His best work in your life!


Every day and night God is working in your life and on your behalf to help you create a better life! Every day and night God is working behind the scenes to set up those circumstances and situations that will move you from your pit of despair to the divine provision that He has prepared just for you! All you need to do is stay in faith and wait with patience where God has placed you right now until God has the provisions that He has purposed to give you ready for you! God has not forgotten what He has promised you and He has not forgotten what He said. He knows exactly where you are and how to get in touch with you when He is ready. Until God is ready with your provisions, He will continue to help you when you seek Him for His guidance. When you wait with patience upon God, in His divine timing, He will provide you with the breakthrough that you need to get through any stagnation that attempts to block your path. God will unblock your path and place you on the pathway that He has chosen for your life when He is ready. Even though you may be frustrated with how things are going and wondering just what is going on, understand that what is happening and what has happened has been allowed by God for a reason. Sometimes God reveals those reasons to you and sometimes He does not.

God is in control and when His presence is in your life, nothing can stay stagnant. He always makes the difference. He will make your mountains move, He will make your stagnation change and He will make any frustration that you feel about your life change when He is ready. Until then don’t be afraid to dream again, to smile again, and to hope again, because God is not going to let you down!  He will help you!  Just because He may appear to be running late with your breakthrough doesn’t mean He isn’t coming, so keep on doing good,keep expecting God’s highest and best for your life,for God is surely coming! He will step in just in the nick of time to save you from the snares of the evil one and open up new doors for you that no one will be able to shut!


Don’t give up, don’t quit, for it’s not over for you, it’s only the beginning!


God’s delays are NOT always  God’s denials!


“My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees”.-Psalm 119:71