Is God nudging you yet to shift for something more?

If God calls you to it,He will help you through it,for
God has said, “I will certainly be with you.” —Exodus 3:12

Many people who have stood on the threshold of greatness have caught a glimpse of the enormous challenges ahead of them and they have backed away. We see it in election years when candidates for President of the United States contemplate the immensity of the job ahead and decide not to run for office. We see it when people think about being something morer than what they are, people  think about the high cost of change and decide not to change, they decide not to shift, not to step out into the deep and fully rely upon God. Often times when the opportunity presents itself to most people to “shift” and fully rely upon God and walk the faith walk with God that He requires to see miracle after miracles, many people change their minds and decide to remain safe and stagnant rather than step out in faith and lean on, and expect God to give them  miracles. On a smaller scale,God may be gently nudging you towards the shift that He wants to bring into your life so that you can have something more, but you may have found yourself already overwhelmed with life’s troubles and problems and you may be too tired of the struggles of life to even want to shift or to even think about shifting. You may find it easier to make excuses for not doing what God wants you to do instead of accepting the challenges that God puts before you and finding ways with God’s help to “shift” and go forward. Let’s look at Moses at the burning bush.

We can understand why Moses was so hesitant to accept God’s call for him to lead the people of Israel.  Like him, we all may have our self-doubts and limitations. We all may be concerned because we don’t know for sure how things are going to work out or if they are going to work out. Consider Moses, He  was worried about the unbelief of the people; similarly,you may be concerned that people won’t respond properly to your efforts. You may worry that people won’t accept you and they won’t help you. Moses was worried that his lack of eloquence would disqualify him; likewise,you may often find your tongue getting tied up while trying to deliver God’s message or while trying to do what God is nudging you to do.

The Lord did not let Moses off the hook,no matter how many excuses he came up with. Instead, God gave him a sign to persuade the people to believe him, and He promised to guide his faltering tongue. Just as God guided Moses, He will guide you. When you respond favorably to the way God is nudging you,He will guide you. God’s people will never be left without the resources they need, so you don’t have to not “shift” for fear of not having enough resources or supply when God nudges you to “shift”  When God asks you to do something, He will always send the provisions neccessary  to fit what He has asked you to do.  He did it for Moses; He’ll do it for you. So, if God is nudging you to go forward and do a good work for Him,or if God is nudging you towards the “shift” He wants to bring into your life,start this very hour doing what God has shown you to do. You don’t have to be afraid or worried about how things are going to work out,just know that with God on your side,they will work out.

If you will supply the want to,God will supply the power to,the resources to and the how to!  God’s resources are always more than enough for you when you follow any “shift” that He leads you to.  So go get them, child of God, dare to beleive God for more and experience the “shift” that God is leading you to!