You can make it with God’s help! A Message For You!

Sometimes you may find it hard to have the energy and the passion necessary to keep going forward because you may be confronted with so many problems and so much pressure and stress! Part of the reason you may not feel like going on is because something could keep reminding you of your past and making you look in the rear view mirror of your life and seeing where you were, where you have been and all that you have gone through! If that’s happening to you, we’d like to encourage you to consider this, instead of constantly looking in the rear view mirror of where you were, why not choose to celebrate the fact that you survived despite all that you have been through? Thank God, you didn’t lose your mind because of what you’ve gone through and you didn’t end up in jail because of what may have happened to you that was just not right, instead, God kept you! Yes, it may have been bad and hard for you, and the devil may have given it his best shot, but he failed, you survived and you made it out of the snares of the devil traps that were set for you to take you out. In spite of all that you’ve gone through, God has kept you and now you’re a walking, talking,  breathing,  “miracle of God’s grace and His power to save and deliver”. So isn’t that worth thanking God for?worried student

God has kept you for a reason. Your horrific past no matter how terrible it was has now qualified you for your bright new and better future that God has for you. The next chapter in your book has not been written yet, so why not decide right now, that you will continue on with God and seize the bright new future that He has in store for you and decide to make new entries in your book of life? Refuse to accept the verdict of what others are saying about you or the verdict of what your circumstances are showing you. Choose instead to stand on God’s promises and trust that in His own way and in His own timing, God will bring the promises that He’s made to you to pass in your life.


You might be tired of struggling and tired of having to go through it, but we all are tired of the constant struggles that life demands to some degree. But we can’t let that stop us, we’ve all got to keep going, and with God’s help we will all make it to where He wants us to be, if we don’t faint, give up and quit! Don’t let the constant struggles that life throws at you stop you from living each day with positive expectancy that this might be the day that God will do what He has promised you that He will do and bring about the extraordinary life that He has promised you. The struggles of life help you discover your strength and help you learn how to deal with your weaknesses. There’s no reason for you to give up and quit now, you’ve come too far from where you started from to quit now, if you will seek God and ask for His help, He will give you the strength and the passion to get back in the game again! So what are you waiting for? Get back in the game of life again, get back up again, choose to step back into the arena of life again with God’s help and go forward claiming and expecting the extraordinary life that the largeness of God always brings!