Want A chance to Transform Your Life Story?

We all have a story. Do you know what yours is? What are you choosing to do with it?  As long as we are human living on this earth, we will all encounter a story that consists of our challenges, struggles and pain. It will show up differently for each and every one of us, but the one commonality is that we can choose to let our challenges limit us or we can choose to let them inspire us to grow, expand and evolve. If you are ready to allow your story to inspire a more truthful version of yourself then I suggest the following steps.Overwhelmedagain

The first step is to own your story by coming face to face with it and getting really clear on what it sounds like in your mind.  If we don’t take the time know what is in our minds, it will remain in our subconscious mind and continue to run our lives. It’s important to know that becoming aware of the story first and foremost offers us the doorway to our inner power and freedom.  What have you been telling yourself about who you believe you are? What beliefs about yourself do you carry around with you? What do you believe about others and how they perceive you? What do you believe about what is and isn’t possible for you? Perhaps you secretly have a vision for who you know you can be, but you continue to repeat the same old story in your mind over and over again. It’s important to know that it’s perfectly ok to have this story.  It is nothing to feel ashamed of or embarrassed about. We all have one and what’s empowering to know is that once we are aware of it, we then have the ability to transform it.


The second step is to use this new awareness to guide you to uncovering gifts that your story has given to you. There will always be gifts to uncover if we look in the right places. I encourage you to ask yourself, What gifts can be found within my story? What lessons have I learned from my story? How can my story empower me rather than limit me? How can I use my story to help myself and others? Once you being to ask the right questions, the right answers will always follow and the gifts will be shown to you. Additionally it is important for you to ask God to help you discover the gifts, talents and skills that He’s deposited in you.

The third step is to get clear on the gifts that you uncovered and commit to using these gifts each and everyday to empower and inspire you.  Ask God to help you learn how to develop your gifts for your good and His Glory! The reason for this is because, If we don’t stay connected to these gifts, we run the risk of falling back into our old victim story and not using our gifts.  Reminding ourselves of these gifts will assist and guide us in creating a new story that will empower us to step into a whole new way of being and that vision that you had of yourself will naturally begin to unfold before your eyes. You will begin to see that this vision of you is who you have always been, it was just waiting for you to shift your victim story into one of inspiration and truth so that you can see and more importantly feel the magnificence of who you really are.

-D. Simone