Let The Magic Of Christmas Inspire You to Gift God!

It’s time to go for it. This is your time! What do you really want? Stop letting any of those reasons and excuses hold you back.Go for your dream now. Take whatever action possible and keep moving forward. Stop listening to any of the negatives and go for it.  Follow your passion and your dream and take action.

Step out with faith.
Step out with belief.

Step out trusting that God is with you!

Step out with courage that if God has led you to it, He will help you do it. Have faith that God will supply the power, the time and the resources to help you accomplish your God given dream. You have to make the first move. Be the person who can do what you want to do. Be who God has created you to be.

Dare to believe that there is more to life for you than what you are currently experiencing. Throw away your old story and break the record or the tape that plays in your head telling  you it’s too late, you can’t do it, or it’s not possible. Choose to have faith in you. Choose to have faith in God and His ability to do what you can’t. Choose to believe that if you will step out and do what you can, God will step in and do what you can’t.

iWhy not erase failure completely from your mind? Why not gift God this Christmas with a new improved version of You? You can do anything. You can do all things through Christ who will strengthen you.

What is your burning desire, your real passion deep inside your soul? Who would you be if you knew that you could not fail? What would you do? Where would you go? How would you assist God in Helping to bring about His plans on earth? Go for it. Give God the best gift that you could ever give Him this year, Give Him the gift of you accomplishing your God given dreams and your God given purposes.

 Life is precious and time waits for no one.

Make this moment count. Go for it. Just do it. Have Faith. Trust in God..

Focus on the positive possibilities and create those outcomes now.
This is the perfect time to go for it! Christmas is a magical time of the year and with God all things really are possible most especially to those who believe.

Take the leap!
Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Smiles, Blessings, and Joy


:) Lee & The WIN International Ministries Team