Are you tired of going through?

Have you ever noticed how life throws you into one crisis after another? Before you get through going through one thing something else is either thrown at you or thrown on you that you have to deal with. If you’re like us, you don’t like having to constantly go through one thing after another. And when you’re already tired, or if you don’t feel good, having to go through a crisis  can get on your nerves. Most of us want out of  a crisis yesterday and not today but God usually sees differently. We understand how you may feel if you’ve been going through for a long time now and you just want out of it and God may not have seen the need to either change your crisis or let you out of it just yet. It is frustrating isn’t it?  Nobody likes crisis because they come without your permission, without your invitation and without warning. They stay much longer than you want them to and they usually do not care how you feel, what you want in the situation or what you would like to see happen.

But did you know that although God doesn’t send all crises in your life, He often uses them to build your character, your strength and your endurance?. There are circumstances that will come in your life and some of those circumstances will be very bad. Some of those crisis will make you want to hurt in return those that have hurt you and will make you question God and His motives for allowing them to continue to happen repeatedly. Some of the crisis that you find yourself thrown into will reveal to you those people who will try to discourage you from following your dreams and will reveal to you those who will try to stop the fulfillment of your dreams. If you look close enough to the crisis that crops up in your life you will always be able to trace the devil’s sneaky handiwork in your life almost everytime. For you see the devil won’t be satisfied until he shuts you down, snuffs you out and drives you to the brink of insanity. He will stop at nothing to wipe you out completely. He does not like you and He has no mercy on you, no compassion for you and just wants to destroy you. Jesus Christ is very familiar with the devil’s tricks and schemes, for He said in John 10:10, ~the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life and to give you life more abundantly!


The crisis that comes your way is not really the builder of your character; it only reveals your character. It isn’t the person who gets knocked down whose dreams are not fulfilled. For everyone at some point and time has gotten knocked down in some way or the other, God has a plan for your life and He wants to help you find solutions to your crisis to help you get back up again! Great fighters are hit, and knocked down. They don’t get to be great by lying on the canvas and refusing to get back up again though, they get to be great by finding the will, the strength and the desire to get back up again. The great winners, the great fighters, Mohammed Ali and others like him are men that have been knocked down again, and again, and again, but they chose to get back up again! When you’ve been knocked down, many thoughts may go through your head, and it may feel good to lay there for a minute, and you may think it’s safer just to lay there and don’t even bother to try to get back up again, but God has put something on the inside of you that just won’t let you stay down, and if you really think about it, you not getting back up again is worse than the fist that may  have hit you again in the fight of life, because if you stay down, how will you ever see or know who you were originally created to be? How will you know if God will really rescue you when you need Him the most if you just lay down and quit?  You may also miss out on God’s greatest miracles in your life if you choose to faint, give up and just plain quit!




So a great fighter weighs the consequences, and then gets back up again. The last thing that the devil wants to see when he has given you his best smashing right to your jaw and knocked you down is you getting back up again! Think about it…if you have hit someone with everything you’ve got, and you think, “I knocked their lights out!” And then, suddenly, you hear something, you turn around, and that person is  back on their feet, it would make you mad too, now wouldn’t it?  When you choose to get back up again, then the devil thinks, that he has given you 1 of his best shots, and you got back up again! You and God won, and the devil lost! It would make you an angry oppressor too, now wouldn’t it, especially if you did your best to knock the fighter down and it did not work!



That’s what the devil will do. He may knock you down, and it’s real easy for you to stay down and just lay there and take whatever he dishes out at you. You may be thinking, there may be less pain if I stay down…but “no pain, no gain”! But we’re here to tell you, if you want everything that God has for you, you have to choose to get back up again, no matter what! When you choose to get back up again and then reach for God’s help, the devil will flee from you! Child of God, God wants you to get back up again and He will help you get back up, if you will take the first step towards getting back up again and call out to Him and ask for His help, guidance and solutions for your life!

The devil doesn’t want you to get back up again.” But know that this one thing is certain: If the devil says you can’t get back up again, he must know something you don’t know! The devil would not fight you quite so hard if he did not believe that God had a miracle scheduled just for you around the next corner.



Your crisis and your trial IS ONLY A PASSAGE TO your MIRACLE. The devil wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop you if he hadn’t already peeked into your future and seen what God has in store for you…the devil wouldn’t be trying to hold you back and contain you if he did not believe that God has a miracle scheduled just for you around the next corner! So don’t get discouraged in your crisis, fight back with all you’ve got! Use the weapon of your faith, dare to reach for God and believe that He does have a miracle scheduled with your name on it and it’s coming soon to the location where you are! God has your address, your telephone number and your email address, and He knows exactly how to deliver your miracle to you if you will seek Him for it today and wait for His timing to manifest it in your life!

Keep waiting, God has a MIRACLE scheduled JUST for you, and it is headed your way, so get back up again, and watch God orchestrate His divine miracles for your life in His perfect timing!  If you’re tired of it and need someone to chat with to help you get through it, go here;