Can God change your pain to New Beginnings?

     Any time is a good time to make a new beginning. At any point in your experience, you can make a change, find a new direction, and take a new path. You do not need to wait for the beginning of a new year to begin to follow a new way of life. However, it is sometimes easier to make a new beginning at this time of year, when old things may have quit working. God wants to place a spirit of newness in your heart at this time. You cannot help but feel inspired and enthused when you know this; you cannot help being excited about what God could possibly want to do new in your life next! Possibly you have an area in your life that you would like to change or improve? To someone else, your life may seem perfect and complete, but you know the places in your life and heart that calls for light, upliftment and something new. Why not use this time as your season to get ready for the newness that God wants to bring into your life?boy-jumping_md
     Why not wake up each morning excited about the new day that God has given you and the new thing that He is getting ready to bring into your life? Isaiah 43:19 states “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”. God is a master at taking what’s old and what’s quit working and turning it around so that it is one of the best new beginnings that you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime. So get ready for the changes, inner and outer, that you have dreamed of making but have not yet dared to set into motion. Get ready for God’s new for your life!
     Do you want improved health and greater strength? This is the time to gain a new understanding of the idea of life. This is the time to realize that your body is the temple of the living God, that God’s healing power is active in you, that through this power you are made alive, restored, renewed, and healed. Do you want peace and harmony in your life? Have you longed to be on better terms with your family and friends, to feel closer to others, to be understanding of others, to be understood by them? This is the time to enter into newness, to open your mind and heart to the love of God and to let this love find expression through you in the thoughts you think, in the way you act, in your attitude toward people and situations.

You need not keep carrying  into the remainder of this year the old habits of thinking and acting that have left you frustrated or unhappy. You need not carry into the remainder of this year the old doubts and fears and misgivings, the old hurt and bitterness as well. You need not bring forward any feeling of un forgiveness. Through the power of God’s love within you, you can let go of negative ways of thinking and begin to live in peace and harmony. This is the time for newness. This is the time to let go of the old, to put on the new. This is the time to let the life and love and light of God flow through you and to shine in all that you do. Old thoughts and old conditions are as “waters that have passed away” (Job 11:16). Now you stand at a place of beginning again. Want to set yourself up for success as you anticipate the new beginnings that God wants to bring in your life? The below affirmations below are a great way to help you get you started! So go to God and get the new beginnings that He wants to bring into your life dear child of God!


Want God to change your pain to new Beginnings? If so, join us in repeating the daily Affirmations below!  Get started with God and get your pain changed!


  • God guides me, comforts me, and gives me hope as I look  to the future and embrace each new beginning. With a fresh vision and  heartfelt gratitude for experiences of the past, I look forward to this  day and to a future bright with the promise of God’s goodness.
  • The light of God reveals a new course on my life’s path  and leads me to fresh new beginnings. I let the wisdom of God guide me as  I bring about changes for good in my life. My faith in God carries me  forward into a new life of faith and confidence. I invite God into my  circumstances to help me along the way as He gives me new opportunities to  begin again!
  • This can still be my year of God’s favor, His enlightenment for  my path, and the year of God’s restoration and financial abundance in my  life. This will be one of the best years that God gives me. As I surrender  my pathway and my plans to God, He will guide me each and every step of  the way and save me from the snares, the schemes and the pitfalls of the  devil!