Does it seem like you have no way out?

Whatever unfortunate situations you find yourself in right now, God is able and willing to turn it around for your good and for His glory.You don’t have to remain in circumstances that are less than God’s highest and best for your life any longer unless you want to remain in them. God is the God of the extra ordinary, He is the God of more than enough,He is El Elyon and He is Sovereign over everyone and everything,so He can change whatever needs to be changed in an instant. Circumstances have to bow to His power when He decides to get involved to fix what ever needs to be fixed and to out what ever needs to be outed.  So being stuck doesn’t have to be your lot in life anymore when you turn to God,it’s a choice.  You can choose to make a different choice  and change it by simply turning to God and seeking Him to make a way out for you!

If you live long enough you will quickly find out that life will send you many trials,disappointments,and setbacks that oftentimes just come out of no where and when they come out of now where you are left to figure out what happened and why it happened. You are often suddenly thrown into a season that you did not ask for and did not plan for. But don’t worry dear ones, our God is an awesome God and He specializes in cleaning up the messes that others leave behind. Just when the enemy thinks that he has you pinned down with your back up again the wall and there seems to be no way out, God will open up the necessary escape hatch and then He will throw you the ladder you need to climb on to get up out of that mess!

So don’t worry,it will all work out for your good and God’s glory if you refuse to give up and quit. If the trials that life sends your way could really harm you,you’d be dead by now. You were not created to be killed by your sufferings and you were not created to have so much pressure placed on you that you feel like you are driven to the brink of insanity. If you find yourself totally miserable and you are having trouble getting anything to work and having trouble finding your way, God has allowed all of this to lead you to your something better when you seek Him for it daily. God has so much more abundant life to bring your way! He has so many blessings lined up just for you, He has a set time to release those blessings into your life, but you won’t get those blessings if you stay stuck in what is less than God’s highest and best for your life. You won’t get those blessings if you allow what makes you miserable to be your daily portion and your daily lot in life. God is giving you new desires, and new dreams He wants you to know that there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing. But you have to be the one to simply walk away from what is not working for you and what is not God’s highest and best for you. While it is true,God will guide you in the way that you should go, you still have to be the one to make the choice.

So chin up dear ones,your problems are there to make you stronger. A muscle trainer in the gym becomes fit through the process of enduring the strain on their body. The muscle trainer lifts heavy weights and then through endurance and resistance the muscle trainer becomes stronger and much better. Your problems will make you stronger and much better! So keep on walking with God and waiting on God and looking for God, He will come for you! He’s using your painful situations to thrust you forward into your calling and the greater destiny that He has in store for you! So trust Him and don’t quit and you will see all that God has promised you come true in your life!