Keeping waiting on God,He’ll help you!

Does the path of your  life seems impossibly steep and lengthy? If it does,you may be at the point of having no strength and no will for the journey that God has you on. You may have been traveling on the path that you’re on for a long time now and wondering just when is it going to be your turn? You may often wonder if life for you is really going to get any better? But remember God knew this path long before you were called to walk it. He has always known the difficulties you would experience. He has always known the pain that you may not be able to explain adequately to another.God knows that you’ve grown tired of where you are and He knows that you may want and need something much better than what you currently have. When God doesn’t immediately change your circumstances,He offers you His presence until He is able to fix and change your circumstances.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with sadness today. It may be the weight of a difficult ministry;the worry of a hard marriage;the sorrow of a struggling child;the care of an aging parent or other troubles that come with life.“Surely,” you might say, “God would not have me walk this way.There must be another way,an easier path for me to travel.”But are any of us wise enough to know that some other way would make us into better and wiser children of God? No, our Father in Heaven knows the best path,out of all possible paths,to bring us to completion (Ps. 142:3).

God’s ways are higher than your ways;His thoughts higher than your thoughts (Isa. 55:9).So humbly take the path God has marked out for you today,and do so in absolute trust in God’s infinite wisdom and love. God is wiser and more loving than you can ever know.He who sees has foreseen and will not lead you astray. He will guide you along the best and safest pathway for your life based upon where you are right now. Try not to worry and fret about what you can’t change and what you cannot control. To worry and fret about what you can’t control signals God that you do not trust that He will care for and help those that you’ve entrusted to Him. To worry and fret and worry about things that you can’t change or control signals God that you don’t trust that He will do what is best for you based upon your current desires and needs right now. God wants your trust. He wants you to relax and enjoy the journey that you’re on with Him. Enjoy each moment of each day that He gives you. Take the time to consider all of the many things that you have to be grateful for and all of the many things that are going right in your life. God wants you to relax and trust Him, He has everything under control.


If you will take the time daily to bask in God’s presence and be still and know that He is God,He will instill within you the hope,the strength, the renewal and the strength that you will need to go on.Though your pathways may seem steep and the way you have to travel may be rough;If God brings you to it,He will see you through it. God will never lead you down a wrong path. When you don’t understand His plan or His workings in your life simply choose to trust and know that He loves you and His heart and intentions towards you are “good” and in His perfect timing, He will work all things out for your good and for His glory! So will you trust Him?