Want to get in On What God is Doing Today? – A Prayer For You!

Father, You are so incredibly good that we have no issues with this verse today. You have ordained a time for us. You have prepared a place for us. You have opened access for us. You have prepared goodness for us. You have assigned fruitfulness through us. Yes, You are the intentional God who reigns over us and we renounce that orphan-spirit which seeks to hiss to us that we are on our own. King Jesus, theEarth is Yours, and its fullness is included in the title deed. Our hearts have been made to belong to You and we have no uncertainty that You are ordering our steps and determining our direction. It is our joy to follow You and we are unspeakably blessed that You have not left us in our wanderings. Though our ranks do not contain as many as we wish, we are not alone. You have brilliantly worked in the hearts of so many and You have made us to be brothers and sisters. Thank You for the companionship in the Body of Christ – You have made us one with You, and also one with each other. We are blessed in this. Holy Spirit, we pant after You. Depressedagain...


We desire You in Your fullness. They have redefined You down here and made You to be something less than who You are. Some think You are a novelty, a force emanating from the direction of Heaven. Some think You are a dissipated relic from the ancient church, like a former fragrance that has faded out over time. Some think that You are the leader of a three-ring spiritual circus which entertains the patrons.  I confess that You are Almighty God, and that I long for Your presence and power in this age of spiritual eclipse.  Shine Your light in us today! Shine through us! Humble the hearts of all those who have tidily categorized You into some compartment that fits their approach to their own kingdoms. Evict them from those paltry parcels of religious squatter’s villages and usher them into the land flowing with milk and honey as joint-heirs with Jesus. We look for You to make Yourself known today. We pray as our Lord instructed us – to seek that the will of the Father in heaven to be accomplished this very day on earth. So we look today to discern what You have designed, and we intend to participate in it. Anything less than our enthusiastic commitment to this is folly. Show us where You are working, and kick the door off the hinges so we may rush to You and worship at the throne of the One who is, to us, Altogether Lovely. We are hungry and expectant, waiting for You to disclose where you are at work today and what will come, in Jesus name we ask and pray – Amen!

“The Lord thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it; and He will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers.” Deuteronomy 30:5