You’ll win if you don’t give up and quit!

In football when a player begins to score,what does the opposing team do?They assign  their best players to block him,tackle him,distract him,hinder him and keep that player from being able to cross the line to make a score!Because your life is like that of a player on the battle field of life,the ball is often tossed to you with an expectation of you being able to handle that ball with class and ease to make it all the way across the line so that you make a winning score! The thing about this is that the devil does not want you to score, so he unleashes all kind of warfare over your life to keep you blocked and to keep you from being able to make it. The warfare that surrounds your life is just an indication  of your value to God.The hell that you may be having to go through at this precise moment is because  the devil knows that you can make a score if you are left unblocked.So daily the devil is taking his best shots at you to oppress you,hinder you,tackle you and drive you to the brink of insanity.If you are being forced to endure an extreme amount of pressure,it is a huge clue to you that the devil is in the details of that situation and needs to be outed by God.



If God has  assigned you to do something great for Him and His kingdom,you become a magnet  for the enemy to assign someone to block you.You’ll know when you have become a target.You will be attacked,sabotaged,setback,disappointed,laid off or set up for failure repeatedly.Your relationships will be a mess,you will have constant anxiety,and all of this will make you wonder just what is going on.If you walk with God long enough,you will experience a few of these or all of  these at some point and time.Before Paul reached his destination,we’ll share with you what he wrote.He  wrote;I have had to fend off robbers and struggle with friends. I have had to struggle with evil  ones,cross uncertain roads,I have been endangered by the swampland of the  desert and betrayed by those that I thought were with me and for me.I have known  drudgery and hard labor and have worked for either little or no pay,spent many a  long nights with no meals,been blasted by being naked and having to endure  the cold weather and I have been left at the mercy of the forever changing  weather conditions.Paul labored and toiled and went without sleep for long  periods of times as if it was a normal occurence.And that’s just part of what  Paul went through.Paul also had to deal with constant daily pressures and  anxieties of the churches he was dealing with as well.-2 Corinthians  11:23-28

Like you,Paul had really gone through some “stuff”,and as you can tell some  of the stuff that Paul had to go through was horrible,yet he made the decision  to keep trusting in and believing God for something better.Despite what should  have brought Paul down and what could have brought Paul down,he chose to stay on  the high road with God and stayed up and expectant,always waiting on God to  intervene at just the right time.Paul chose to believe in God for the  impossible.He believed that God’s supernatural wonder-working power would bring  about His better plans and or purposes for His life simply because He stayed the  course that God set before Him.If Paul was able to finish His course with  joy,despite the horrible pain and travail that he had to go through,so can you  dear one.The same God that was with Paul is with you and the same God that outed the devils in Paul’s life,will out the devils in your life that try to block you,hinder you,oppress you and hold you down and back.


Crossing the line with the ball so you can score may seem hard for you because you may be tired.You may also be weak and you might just not feel like it and you might just don’t want to be bothered because you may have already gotten to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. But I can assure you dear one,God has not forgotten you,He will strengthen you again,if you will call on Him. He will guide you if you will ask Him. He will help you, if you are willing to follow where He leads you. He can do the impossible, He will open doors for you that no one can shut no matter how hard they try.He will make a way out of no way when you put Him first and trust in Him.The devil may be cunning and His tricks and disguises are many but God has been dealing with the devil way longer than you have. Give your devils to God and let Him out them like no one else can and then you won’t have to worry about having to fight excessive blocks to cross the line to score,because God will clear the way for you and you will then be able to simply just walk across the line unhindered.

Don’t give up! God will help you, He knows exactly where you are and He knows exactly how to get to you what you need  and it’s on it’s way to find you! So don’t give up and quit!  God is sending you help! Things may be hard  and you may be blocked many times, but it doesn’t matter how bad things are, how  bad things look and how many times the devil tries to block you, you’re still  going to make it if you stay in God’s lane,wait on Him and simply trust in Him. Because what God has for you is for  you and it’s God’s blessings with your name on them!