Tired of problems?God wants you to Pray for a turnaround!

Help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude. —2 Chronicles 14:11

An 85-year-old woman, all alone in a convent, got trapped inside an elevator for 4 nights and 3 days. Fortunately, she had a jar of water, some celery sticks, and a few cough drops. After she tried unsuccessfully to open the elevator doors and get a cell phone signal, she decided to turn to God in prayer. “It was either panic or pray,” she later told CNN. In her distress, she relied on God and waited till she was rescued.

Asa was also faced with the options of panic or pray (2 Chron. 14). He was attacked by an Ethiopian army of a million men. But as he faced this huge fighting force, instead of relying on military strategy or cowering in dread, he turned to the Lord in urgent prayer. In a powerful and humble prayer, Asa confessed his total dependence on God, asked for help, and appealed to the Lord to protect His own name: “Help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude” (v.11). The Lord responded to Asa’s prayer, and he won the victory over the Ethiopian army.

When you are faced with tight spots, meager resources, a vast army of problems, or seemingly dead-end solutions, try not to panic but instead turn to God in prayer who fights for His people and gives them victory. You may say, well I have turned to God and I have been praying and nothing’s happened. Well that’s really good if you have been praying and if you have turned to God,so now all you have to do is have faith in God and keep on waiting on Him, for He will surely respond on His time table with what concerns you and concerning what keeps on pressing you. You must not give up and faint because it may be taking a long time or if it appears that you’re in the same boat, things often change every day, sometimes you may see it and some times you may not. Several small changes will eventually add up to the big and larger changes that you may be petitioning God for, but if you panic or give up and quit praying you won’t get to see what might have happened if you truly chose to stay in faith and trust God for what you are beleiving Him for and for what you are praying to Him for. So keep praying, keep trusting, and stay in faith with endurance, you won’t be sorry,  for God will help you and He will work all things out for your good and His Glory in His time and His way!

-Prayer for you!

As I am reading this prayer Lord,I am praying for you to help me have more faith in you as I continue to pray to you. I pray for WIN International’s ministry for sharing this article with me so that I can better deal with my distress and my problems. In my distress, anxiety, and fear,dear Lord, teach me to rely on You and draw close to You when things seem to not be working or seem stalled and at a standstill.  Then I will  know that  I’ll be able to stand strong in Your power and won’t be dependent on my own strength. Lord as I pray this prayer, I pray that you will help me have faith in you as I wait on you.  In Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen

Prayer is the bridge between panic and peace. We hope you will choose prayer!

-D. B.