Honoring The Job God Gave You Honors Him!

In what ways do most people honor God? Many people say, “I go to church to honor God.” “I read the Christian Bible to honor God.” “I pray and praise to honor God.” And yes, all of these are true ways to honor God, but did you know that you are honoring God just as much when you get to work on time? You are honoring God when you are productive at work each day. And you are also honoring God when you honor the people in authority over you.

“Remind people to be submissive to [their] magistrates and authorities, to be obedient, to be prepared and willing to do any upright and honorable work.” (Titus 3:1, AMP)

In today’s society, many people have accepted mediocrity as the norm in the workplace. They do as little as they can to get by, always looking for the easy way out. They simply go to work to pick up a paycheck, and then often wonder why they are not promoted or don’t see a pay increase. God does not bless our mediocrity, He only blesses excellence!

As Christians, we should set the standard in all areas of life, including the workplace. Do the workers around you see your light shining? Do they know that you are a Christian by your actions? Are you setting the bar? Can these people see your good works? When you give you’re very best in the workplace, you are truly giving praise to God-it is one of the best witnesses you could ever have! Showing up with a good attitude, being friendly and well organized will also passively encourage others to be the same way because your actions speak louder than your words!

“Whatever work you do, do your best.” (Ecclesiastes 9:10a, NCV)

If we also want to see God’s hand of promotion, we need to always keep growing, keep learning, and keep improving as well. Especially in this day and age in the workplace, if you are not growing, then you’re at a disadvantage. Never get complacent! As you truly strive to do your best, only then God will bless the fruit of your labor.

Over the years we have met people who can quote half the Bible, and attend church on a regular basis, but they have no influence or credibility because they are lazy or sloppy in their actions in the workplace. They sometimes tell you, “Do as I say, not as I do.” They are not always very productive. And because this is the example they set, many times their subordinates are lazy in their actions too.

Somebody once told us, “Your performance gives you a platform.” When you excel in what you do, that is what truly gets people’s attention. The best way to gain respect and the way to gain a true influence is to develop your character and skills in such a way that people will want what you have. They may not agree with what you believe in, but when you are the best in your position at the workplace, they surely cannot argue with that! You will have earned their respect, not by your words, but by your actions and your spirit of excellence.

(Colossians 3:23, NCV) tells us, “In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people.”

Any job that we do, we should do well. We should always set the standard. Always remember, we are ultimately working for the Lord. He is truly the one who put those talents and abilities in us. We are only stewards of the gifts He’s given. Other people may show up late or miss a lot of work. They may complain. They may cut corners. But never sink down to their level-because you are truly working for Almighty God.

We encourage you today, stay determined and stay focused. Honoring your job is honoring God. Whether you are a blue collar worker, middle or upper management, or even a CEO, do it to the best of your ability! God is the one who truly brings us prosperity. When you set the standard, He’ll raise you up and pour out His blessing in every area of your life!