In Quietness And Trust, is Your Strength!

A farmer had been working all day in his barn pitching hay with a pitchfork. Feeling he had worked long enough, he reached into his pocket to pull out his pocket watch only to find it was missing.

He knew he had had it in his coverall pocket, as he had checked around noon the time. Now, where in the hay stack could his watch have fallen? After looking for about ten minutes for his watch, he realized trying to find a pocket watch in a barn full of hay was, well, pretty useless.

As the farmer began to leave the barn, he heard his grand kids playing near by. He then had a grand idea. The farmer wandered over to the kids and said, “I have a reward for anyone who can find my watch lost in the haystack. Now, go see who can find it!”

After about an hour, the kids gave up, no watch could be found. Then, one of the grand kids said, “Grandpa, give me one more chance by myself to find your watch.” “OK,” Grandpa said.

The little boy went back into the barn, closed the door and after about five minutes, the door swung open as the little boy came out swinging Grandpa’s watch by it’s chain.

Grandpa with surprise all over his face said, “How did you find my watch Grandson?” “It was easy Grandpa,” the little boy said. “I just closed the door and went quietly into the barn. I began to listen for the ticking of the watch and walked around until I could barely hear the watch ticking. I just went closer to the sound of the ticking until I was on top of the watch and dug down through the hay until I found it.”

What a nice story. To think that a little boy could be so clever to think such a thing. I often think that I am way to busy for my own good. Unlike the small boy, even though he had better things to do, in this simple matter, he had a simple solution, quietness.

We can all use quietness in our lives. God tells us through the Holy Scriptures that “in quietness, we will find our strength.” Isaiah 30:15

God also reminds us to “Be Still and know that I AM God.” Psalm 46:10

As a fishing guide each summer, I find that I can become so busy at times that I forget who I am first, a child of God. I can sometimes loose all track of time, what day of the week it is when I first wake up in the morning, and, what time during the day it might be. Ever feel that way?

I’m fortunate that I have a caring wife who keeps pretty good track of herself during the day. She is often my help that helps me realize I’m way too busy some days. She will say, “Why don’t you sit down and rest for a while.” When I hear that, I know I can sit down and relax, let everything on my mind go and just sit and be who God created me to be. It doesn’t take me long after I sit down to go to that quiet place where I find solitude and strength.

We need that quiet place, that secret place that Jesus talks about where we can go and be with our Heavenly Father and just sit in His presence, soak into His arms and be content.

Each day, I like to start out with a daily devotional to jump start my day. Then I like to spend a quiet moment alone with the Lord. I usually get some feed back on one of the scriptures from the Lord from my readings. There are a number of devotionals out there, you just have to find one that suits you and your liking, but find something that puts you into the secret place, the hiding place with the Lord your God. Your day will go a lot smoother knowing that the Lord is with you and that you have the Lord to help you in your time of need.

I know each day has it’s own trials and tribulations. We all have them. If we didn’t, you might want to look around you and make sure you are doing what God has called you to do. Praying and doing God’s will are the most important things we can do each day. The prayer keeps us connected with God all day long and listening to the Holy Spirit helps us know what God wants us to do that day. We have all the help we can get if we just remember to always put God first. And, don’t forget to thank God right off the bat, first thing in the morning for your new day! Our Heavenly Father loves to hear us say, “Thank you Lord for blessing me with this new day!” “You are an Awesome God, I am so thankful you have chosen me as your son or daughter. I want to do whatever you ask me to do today, just tell me and I will do it.” “And, thank you Jesus for never leaving me or forsaking me. You died for all my sins and washed me clean as pure white snow so that I can be who you created me to be without guilt or shame of all my past and future failures. Now I can be who you created me to be, and that pleases you and the Father God.

So, I start my day thanking God for Loving me, saving me for His Kingdom through His Son Jesus and giving me a purpose in this life to be who He created me to be with the help of the Holy Spirit. I am first, a lover of God, second, to love and give to people and third, to use His things. If I keep the order right all day, I will please God, please people and use things. Any other order of loving would not be God’s will and could cause me to sin. Thank you Jesus for the proper order of Love.

– Mark Conway

Mark Conway is a Christian Evangelist living in Sterling with his wife Mary na