It’s September And God Wants To Open New Doors For You As You Seek Him!

When you reach periods of doubt, here’s a thought for you………  stop and change the music and the path you are walking on. Talk to new people, read new and different books, open your mind to new thoughts that will pour from these new encounters.

Stagnation will dissipate the biggest of lakes; fresh strong rivers of life must always be flowing through your experiences. With them come new methods and alternative decisions to keep that freshness alive.

God has blessed you with a vision, but you can only reach it with persistence. Look at all the flags on the tops of mountains, many thought it was worthwhile to reach the top and when you get there room will be available for your flags too. A photograph of you holding it is waiting to be placed on your mantel or on the wall in your living room with the photographs of your other accomplishments along the way. Look at the photograph of the horse jumping the fence. Imagine it is you and you are there.

Great things have been accomplished as a result of action and came one step at a time. You may learn a million ways not to do something but one day you will find that one way that works for you and it will be all you will ever need.  So do not despair with the entanglements of trial and error and baby steps that appear as if you are not really getting anywhere. You are making progress. You now know what doesn’t work and you are learning where God doesn’t want you to be, this is all part of learning where God wants you to be en-route to the turnaround that He has for your life as you seek Him!

Make a list of goals that you would like to reach with God’s help. Inquire of God and ask Him if the goals that you have set are part of His perfect plan for your life. If the goals that you have set are a part of God’s perfect plan for your life, ask Him to help you reach those goals. Keep a calendar or journal of your progress towards the fulfillment of  those goals and reward yourself along the way as you make progress towards the fulfillment of your goals!  A really neat resource for you to use to keep track of your progress can be found here;

Don’t be in such a hurry to get there, God will wait for you. He holds time in His hands. Your visions have no date or time for completion, their gestation period is as variable as is your strength and belief that you will see it through.  Many have come so far and stopped when the destination was right around the next corner. Don’t be one of those who stops before you get there, you’ve come too far to give up now! God knows you may be tired and may just want results but unfortunately, God often does not work that way.

If you do not reach your God assigned destination, then someone else will and why let someone else get what is yours after all you have done to try to get there. Keep going and believe; that is the key; you have to develop your faith with absolute certainty that it is what you desire and what God wants you to have.

When your faith wanes ask God for help to inspire you to be able to go on. There have been times when we did not want to keep going, and times when we didn’t think we would find the strength, energy or the will to go on, but God showed up and gave us the strength and the will to go on! That is proof that if God did it for us, He will do it for you!  Every one has doubts about one thing or another which is good in a way because it stimulates creativity and the desire to  seek God for answers that only He can give.


Meanwhile back at the ranch keep riding those horses and one day the valley with its entire splendor will welcome you and the harvest will be richer than even your vision imagined. When you get ready to quit again, think about this article and come back to read it and re-read it as much as you need to and then also think about what you will lose if you turn back, quit or stop.

T. Coimin & “The WIN International Ministries Team”

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