God will make a way For YOU!

Are you simply having a rough time? Are you standing at the crossroads of life trying to decide what to do and which way to go? If you are God, wants to rescue you. If you’re having a rough time and the rough times that you are experiencing are forcing you to stand at the crossroads of life forcing you into having to make decisions, we’d like to encourage you to not be afraid and to not act hastily just because your situations may be trying to place extreme pressure upon you to act and do something NOW! We understand how it feels to be stuck in tight places with meager resources, stuck with folks that gets on your nerves and stuck in overbearing situations that try to high pressure you into doing something because some one else may want or need it done their way immediately. This is not only not right, it is not God’s highest and best for us and it is certainly is not God’s highest and best for you either.



There is hope for you, God wants to make a way for you! The problems you face in life may seem overbearing, but you don’t have to figure everything out yourself, you don’t have to face the tough choices alone. God wants to help you. He wants to guide you, He wants to make a way out for you. God wants to beckon you from the snares that your ~rough place may have placed you in and lead you safely out to the way He will provide for you. Yes, God will make a way out of the rough seas and mighty waters of life for you. He will make a way out of Your wilderness of difficulties.

Obstacles can NOT stand in the way of God and His power. He can and will make a way for you. You cannot get stranded with God no matter the situation and you are not alone in your tough places, God is with you. He will give you water in the scorching and sweltering deserts of your life. He will sustain you as you wait upon Him to make a way for you! You may be thinking that your situation is the worse on earth. You may be thinking you don’t know how you’re going to get out of your problems or what you’re going to do, but God can and will make a way for you. As your primary care physician, God cares for you. He does not want you confused, depressed, scared and wandering around wondering just how you are going to make it, so He is offering to help you. So let God make a way out for you! Even if you’ve made bad decisions, or even if you’ve made decisions that God did not want you to make, don’t worry too much about what you cannot change, let God make a way for you!


God is NOT going to simply drop you or leave you. He will help you clean up any mess and He will help you get back on track again. Because God is just, if you’ve made bad choices that have caused problems, you may have to deal with any consequences of your actions. But He will be with you in the midst of it all. He is the Great Healer and Fixer. If you’ve made bad decisions that have led you to be in your current situations, Confess your wrongdoing and your sin to God, apologize to Him for not asking His opinion before making that decision, and then ask for His help as you move on. He will help you and bless your efforts. He is always with you and He loves to help. If you are in a tough place through no decisions of your own and you feel that you didn’t cause the problems so now you are suffering with what has happened and you want or need God’s help, we invite you to join us in this simple prayer inviting God into your circumstances to make a way for you!

Simple prayer for you;

Father God, I come boldly to your throne of Grace and mercy asking for your help in my times of need. I need your help and your guidance in making a way for me out of the multitude of problems that I find myself in. 2 Corinthians 12:9 states that “Your grace is sufficient for me, and your power is made perfect in my weakness”. My tough times have brought me face to face with the crossroads of life, guide me Father I pray in the perfect way that you have prepared for me as a way out. Forgive me for the many errors that I may have made along the way that could have contributed to my current state of affairs, and blot out my transgressions and remember my sins no more. Make the rough places in my life smooth and the crooked places in my life straight. Father I ask and pray that you will make a way for me, in Jesus name – Amen


Let God Make A Way for you!