Is your life a mess?Need God to give you a second chance?


Have you noticed that when you come into the world there is no life owner’s manual other than the Bible to tell you how to live life? Have you heard constant messages that tell you that God has a plan for your life, and even though you may be told that God has a plan for your life, you may have no clue what that plan is or how to get God’s plan for your life, so you make choices and decisions based on what you feel is the best and right decision for you only to find out that it is the wrong road to take and results are less than what you had hoped for and nothing like what you bargained for? Can you relate to that? Have you ever wished that you didn’t do something, wish that you hadn’t gone someplace or wished that something didn’t happen? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could go back in time and change what went wrong or go back in time and change the mistakes you made? We have. We know we’ve all made terrible mistakes, gone places and done things that we wished we didn’t do and found ourselves in a mess that we thought we would never get out of. Oh, but God! God specializes in cleaning up messes that are impossible to fix, disastrous to fix and hard to fix, because He is so forgiving and so merciful when you are in a right relationship with Him. If you are right with God, He can turn your mistakes around and give you a second chance to start again but this time more intelligently and with His help.

So take a few moments and think about your life, have you made any mistakes or have you done anything that you wished you hadn’t done, could you use a second chance if God were to give it to you? If you too wished you hadn’t made some of the mistakes you’ve made or done some of the things that you may have done, don’t feel bad, there are countless stories in the Bibles of folks messing up continuously and taking wrong paths, but God gave them another chance and allowed them to get back on the right path. Most of the folks in the Bible made bad choices based on wrong influences and based upon the world’s system and found out quickly that they needed a bailout that only God could give them. So if you’ve gotten off track either because you tried to do things on your own or didn’t quite understand what God’s plan was for your life, we’d like to invite you to pray and seek God to give you another chance. If God grants your request, He will respond, in His perfect timing with an answer that you will clearly recognize in response to your request. As you wait on God’s response, make sure you are reading your Bible, praying daily and spending time with God so that you can attune your ear to His guidance and His whispers in your life. Listen for God, for He will speak. Listen and Look for God’s guidance, for He will guide you! Be aware of God working and moving through His Spirit for you will surely see Him at work in and through circumstances. Want to ask God for a second chance? If so, join us in this simple prayer;


Heavenly Father,

I’ve made a mess of my life and in my own strength the overwhelming obstacles and problems that have been created are too much for me to fix, I’ve tried in my own strength and I am perplexed and stuck. Help me Father, reach into my circumstances with your powerful Spirit and grant me a second chance, grant me the resources, the open doors, the energy, the strength and the time that I will need to be able to gear up and accept a second chance from you if YOU so graciously decide to give me 1. In Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen