What if your turnaround involves Giving?

Have you ever given away several books, and received 20 in return? When you smile at the grocery clerk, does she have a better day and pass that on to the rest of her customers? When you wrap your child in your arms, and give them comfort, aren’t you rewarded with their unconditional love?

The principles of giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. Luke 6:38 says,”Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.”

A woman named Rhonda was conversing with her minister friend earlier in the week about making room to receive the abundance in life by giving of what she had. The conversation reminded me of all the good things that have come about in my life as a result of offering a room in my home to someone who needed it for a time. It also reminded me of all the good things that came about as a result of volunteering to help others who are in dire emotional or physical need, or even just giving away those material things that were no longer needed. When we give without any expectation of receiving something back, we often receive much more than we gave.  It is in the act of giving that we receive.

Most of us honestly believe that we must have it in our hands before we can give, and we often fail to recognize they we always have something to give – our time, our energy, our loyalty, our knowledge, our talent, our love and our money.

When we speak of giving, most have a tendency to think of giving money. Money is only energy – prosperity consciousness, in its best form, is seeing money as a verb – an energy that flows continuously from hand to hand in support of transformation, growth, and love.  Money’s value is the assessment of value placed upon it by the mind of man; the form is designed to insure the easiest exchange. When we give of ourselves in helpful service, without thinking of gain for ourselves, our personal purpose and the purpose of money blends, we will prosper in our relationships and other areas of our lives and God’s abundance will come in to our lives.
Raymond Holliwell says “When you have given, you must prepare to receive the response or results of your giving in receiving.” Many of the major religions state that when you give, you will receive the same in multiples. We must make room by giving, so that we might receive those things we desire, whether that is love, loyalty, knowledge, time or money. It is the flow of nature, two sides of the same coin.

When you give, it should give you great joy to know that when you have given of yourself, authentically and with no reservations, there will be an abundance of love and laughter in your life, and you will prosper. When you help those that God leads you to help or give to those that God leads you to give to, You will prosper and you will see the turnaround that God has for your life.

-G. Feiste

Life is not all that bad, our friends, hmmm If you believe in yourself If you believe there’s Someone Who walks through life without you You’ll never be alone …
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