Don’t worry,wait for God’s timing!

Dear child of God, does it seem like no matter what things are not getting any better for you? Does it seem like you are stuck and no matter what you do nothing is changing for you? We understand, because we’ve been there too and we understand how it feels to be waiting on God and nothing seems to be working. We understand how it feels to be waiting on God and what He has promised you seems to be taking a long time to happen. What we’ve learned is that having you wait on Him as He sets things up for you is part of God’s process for you! What we’ve also learned is that you may have to wait a long time, you may have to watch others get their breakthrough while yours seems delayed, and it may seem like you’re continuing to struggle and go around in lack. It can also feel like you’re never ever going to get out of your pits of despair but we’re here to tell you that your circumstances are only temporary. For God has a set time to change things and turn them around for you!


We’ve learned that it does no good to get in bad moods, to pout, or to complain, the best thing that you can do while you’re waiting for God’s perfect time to arrive in your life is to trust Him. To be still and know that He is God and simply wait on Him with an air of expectancy. When you wait on God with an air of expectancy you send a signal to God that although things are not working for you now, you still believe that He has a plan to make them work for you in the future. When you wait on God with expectancy, you also signal God that you’re not going to abandon His process and the route that He’s taken you on. You’re showing God that you’re no longer doubting His good intentions towards you. When you do these things you signal God that you will wait for Him and on Him. God longs for you to trust Him and His plans for your life. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you.  He has invested greatly in you and He has been caring for you all of your life, God didn’t bring you this far just to leave you down, out, broke, or disgusted! He does have a set time to answer your prayers, unfortunately there are many difficulties that you may encounter along the way, but it is still God that will deliver you out of them all at just the right time if you stay in faith and trust Him and wait for His perfect timing for your life!

Want to signal God that you’re waiting on His perfect timing? Join us in this prayer!

Dear Heavenly father,

Despite the current horrors that I face, the opposition that I am surrounded by and the terrible odds stacked against me, I am going to wait on You. I am going to trust in you and I am going to believe in You. So as I wait Father, I am praying that you will renew my strength so that I can mount up with wings like eagles. I am praying that you will fill me up with your joy. I am praying that you will put a new song in my heart, give me your unlimited Grace in my life, empower me with supernatural strength, supernatural power and give me your unmerited favor and peace as I wait upon you! Help me learn to be patient with you as you work daily, weekly and monthly to assure me that you have a perfect plan for my life that will make all of this waiting that I’ve done worthwhile, in Jesus precious name I ask and pray – Amen