Depressed, Tired or Fed Up? Try Positive Prayers!

Each day that we live is full of questions and surprises. Despite plans and anticipatory actions, life can throw curve balls that we’re not quite ready to tackle. When life challenges us it’s important to retreat to prayer for comfort and reinforcement. Prayer can be a saving grace that directs us through rough travels and holds our hand through difficult days. If you’re ever in need of positive reinforcement turn to these sample prayers for positive thinking and positive results;

Pray, then have Positive Expectation!

Dear God, I come to You
in total expectation of the best.
I believe in miracles because I believe in You.
I cooperate with You by holding in my human mind the
very best outcome. I do not come to You in desperation,
but in gratitude and excitement of the result given
to me ahead of any need.
I live my days in prayer and my days bless me.
I go to You first each day to prepare my human mind for
the blessed life. I live my moments, day by day, in positive
expectation and overflowing gratitude as I witness and take
part in the miraculous results. I believe that spiritual power
is the most important activity that I can take part in.
I give myself to it, and it gives its power to me.
I am grateful and thankful for every moment
spent in sacred prayer.

In Jesus Christ’s name I ask and Pray… Amen