Oh come all Ye Faithful!

The winding road of adversity is weaving a tale of woe for almost everyone around the world. From depression, to bankruptcy, to exhaustion, to disappointments, and twists and turns in the road of life that were not anticipated, this Christmas Holiday season is finding most of us struggling from day to day to deal with the problems, troubles and issues that life hands us. It can be incredibly difficult to stay pumped up and positive when all hell is breaking loose in your life and the idea of “normal existing in your life consists of `constant problems, constant heartache, and constant lack. Life seems to be playing a disappearing trick on most people all around the world, because of disappearing resources, disappearing opportunities, and disappearing legitimate financial ventures to increase wealth. But you’re in luck, because God has kept a close eye on you and your pursuit of Him, He’s found you to be faithful. God has found you Faithful in seeking Him, faithful in wanting to know more, and faithful in believing Him and His promises for your life. And even though the devil is doing his very best to make your Christmas the worst yet, God has a turnaround scheduled in your future because He has found you faithful in your pursuit of Him, His plans and purposes for your life and your interest in His one and only son our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


So God bids you, faithful one, to come to Him. Bring all of your troubles, your problems, your setbacks, your heartaches, and your disappointments. Get alone with Him and get it all out with Him. He already knows how you feel, but He wants you to get it all out with Him so that He can help you feel better and so that He can pour the healing salve of Jesus Christ on your wounds and cleanse the infections that have been caused by the devil’s snake bites in your life. God want to chip away everything that is not His highest and best for you. He wants to fix what is troubling you. He wants to restore what has been lost and redeem what you may feel is hopeless.

Though this year may have been rough for you and though incredible turbulence may have existed in your life repeatedly, God has allowed some things to happen in your life to teach you, to shape you, to mold you and to give you greater insight on who He is and how He desires to work in your life. By allowing the harsh winds of adversity to blow in your life, God has been teaching you to trust Him no matter how hard the winds blow, no matter who tries to keep you down, and no matter how bad things are.

The Boisterous storms that God has allowed to come in your life may be fierce. You may not know how you’re going to make it or you may feel like you are a participant on the nightmare on elm street TV show because of the horror that boisterous storms can cause in your life, but God has a plan. He knows that boisterous storms shake your confidence in yourself, He knows that boisterous storms shakes your confidence in others and He knows that boisterous storms shakes your confidence in Him. But no matter how rough and tough the storms of life are that God allows in your life, He wants you to know that He is bigger. He is stronger. He is mightier. He is tougher. He is in control. And He is able and willing to defend you and defeat whatever giants are trying to take your life over through boisterous storms. So don’t worry. God has a plan for you when you seek Him for it.

In retrospect of the boisterous storms that most people have faced, 2015 has not been an easy year. But just because it has not been easy does not mean that God is not still good, because God is good all of the time even when circumstances are not and He will turn around whatever has gone wrong in your life. So whatever, has tried to zap your joy, and pull the rug from under you that is causing you not to be feeling in the Spirit of Christmas to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday this year, bring it to God. He calls you faithful. He wants to meet with you. He wants to spend time with you. He is concerned about you and He wants you to know that He is still able and willing to turn things around. Take some time to think about it. Make an appointment with God. Bring your online journals with you to the meeting that you schedule with God where you have recorded your travailing prayers. Inquire of God, ask Him for His response to what concerns you. Then wait. Listen for God’s voice. Listen for His whispers. Pay attention to how you begin feeling. Pay attention to what thoughts pop in your head. Stay in God’s presence long enough to create a memory that you were there alone with God,then go on about your activities, knowing that you invited God and He came. He listened and now He will continue to work. Expect His amazing responses in ways that only God can give! Congratulations to you, God calls you faithful!