Ever Wonder If God can bring Breakthrough anytime, why does He make YOU Wait?

Bringing breakthrough into our lives is no difficult feat for God, so why doesn’t God just deliver it to us right away? Breakthrough can sometimes be the only thing that stands in the way of us and the true prize that is Christ. But sometimes God delays the breakthrough to teach our hearts to chase Jesus first before giving it.

Many times, the scripture tells us of the might of our God and how nothing is impossible for Him. He created the earth. He causes storms to brew and stop. He makes the skies rain with manna and quail. He multiplies the riches of this earth.

Knowing all this, a lot of people wonder why things can still be tough for us if God is really that powerful.

If God is most loving, why are our miracles still not happening? It’s not that God can’t make those miracles, but that sometimes God won’t. And it’s not because He doesn’t love us, but rather He loves us so much that He sometimes withholds His blessing for our own good.

Hebrews 12:11 says, “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

God will often hold back financial blessing, healing or any breakthrough not because He wrathfully wants to get back at us for sinning, but because He lovingly wants us to come into a process of discipline or training that brings about spiritual growth.

If there’s anyone who understood withheld blessing, it was Joseph. After he was thrown into prison, the once successful assistant to a wealthy businessman asked the cupbearer to remember him (Genesis 40:14).

In the end the cupbearer forgot about the person who had shown him kindness but had God granted Joseph the help he had sought through the cupbearer, he may have ended up as no more than a cupbearer himself and remained a mediocre slave.

But God had bigger plans for him. God wanted to make Joseph second in command to the most powerful man in the nation.

The reason why God could be holding back financial blessing from you is so that He may give you the grace of stewardship and proper financial management first. The reason God hasn’t brought the one you will marry could be because He’s teaching you to love and trust Him first. The reason God is withholding a career promotion from you today could be because He’s preparing an even greater promotion or a completely different field of work for you than what you imagined for yourself.

We may not always understand God’s ways and can sometimes even question His timing. But God’s breakthrough and blessing will come at the right time and will all make sense when the time comes for His blessings to flow.