God is talking,do YOU hear Him?

Not  many people in history, if any, have actually heard God’s voice. You may wonder how do you actually hear God’s voice? The way we listen to God is not through our ears, but through our hearts. The way we talk to God is through our love, our faith, and our prayers.

To have good communion with our Lord, we must seek to follow His plan for our lives, read His word, the Holy Bible and pray often. As children of God we should all try our very best to do things that God approves of, such as looking out for each other and practicing what we preach. Fellowship is an important Christian principle, but sometimes, to really “hear” God’s “voice”, it’s best to be alone.

Thirst-Aid reaching the Delta Region.

When Jesus needed to obtain guidance from God, “He often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5.16) What about you, are you withdrawing from places and praying and making every possible attempt to hear God speak to you?

Even though Jesus loved addressing big crowds, He withdrew from big crowds when He needed to pray because He  knew that solitude was the perfect state in which to talk to God. Crowds will push and press, urge and persuade, and finally drain away your energy, you’ll have nothing left. So to become more effective at praying and actually hearing God talk to you, You need to spend more time in solitude to find the clarity of thoughts that God would like you to have so that He can reveal more to you on Your life’s purposes. Without this kind of guidance from God we will all end up going down false paths, dead ends, constantly stumbling and never achieving anything worthwhile. God doesn’t want you using up the precious time that He gives you each day going down false paths, dead ends, and constantly stumbling around each day never achieving anything worthwhile, He waits for you daily to show up and talk to Him. If you’re not hearing God talk to you, are you showing up to talk to Him? Are you getting alone and taking your time to talk to God and then are you giving God enough time to respond back to you and talk to you?

God will give You guidance, not perfect humanity. There is no such thing as perfection for anyone, and God doesn’t need us to be perfect to effect His perfect will. But He does want vibrant focused time with you so that He can hear you and you can begin to understand or deepen your understanding of how to hear Him.  Sometimes God talks to us using people and events; the Holy Spirit is the enforcer in this respect. Often, the things some people might regard as coincidences, are the workings of the Spirit trying to communicate with us. Affirmations and coincidences relating to specific events we have been praying about, occur after the event to show us that we are on the right track. Remember every good gift comes from God and His timing is perfect. If you need God to guide you more, pray more, listen more and then ask God to confirm that it is really Him guiding you beyond a shadow of a doubt, because just like God talks and guides so does the devil.

25119-background-clouds-cross-sun-beam-social.1200w.tn.pngAnd sometimes when God talks to you, you  just know when you know, that something supernatural is happening in your life and that it really is God talking to you and guiding you. 1 of the ways You will know when God is moving things is because they will happen so easily, without effort, without pressure, like oil under your feet. There is no guilt associated with the things you will want to do for God, only a lasting sweetness.

So let God talk to you, go find your own quiet place and pray. Return to it again and again, until the word of the Lord overwhelms you with the power of its message.  Stay long enough in your quiet times with God to allow Him the time He needs to talk to you until so you can begin to “hear” Him and get instructions on how to live your life for the purpose for which He’s created you!

-M. Johanides & “The WIN International Team”

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