Confused by Obama Care?God is Your best care provider!

Are you still worried about your life and how and if things are going to work out for you? Are you concerned about your future to the point that it is stealing your joy? We want to encourage you not to be worried about your life or how things are going to work out. You don’t have to worry, because God is with you and He is for you, He wants you to get used to handing all of your cares to Him and letting Him work on them, work through them and work things out for your good and His glory! God is very reliable, He can be trusted with your life, your worries and your cares. He created you, and as His creation, no one cares for you more than He does and like He does. While it true your circumstances may not be what you want them to be and you may be very tired of going through the same old cycle of problems day in and day out, but God understands if you’re tired of going through the same old cycle of problems and He wants to help you. God understands any anger, hurt or pain that you may feel as a result of what you’ve been through. He doesn’t want you to act like the pain didn’t happen, or that what happened wasn’t wrong, He wants you to not let the pain of your past define you and keep you limited in your thinking, crippled in your walk with Him, and stuck in a place less than His highest and best for your life! He wants you to keep walking forward with Him!


God doesn’t want the negative thoughts that may dwell in your mind to take over and cause you more problems than they are worth. So He offers you His help. He’s asking that you hand all of your problems, all of your pain, all of your failures and all that you may want or need to Him, let Him handle it. Let Him be “Dad” in your life and take care of you in ways that you’ve never experienced before! God is well able to handle what you can’t. He’s well able to fix what you can’t. His ability to orchestrate what is necessary at the exact right time is amazing. You may feel that you have so many problems, you don’t know what to do. You might also feel alone in your problems and the struggles that life may have forced upon you. Feeling this way causes anxiety and is unnecessary stress that God wants to help you deal with. 1 Peter 5:7 states “give all of your worries to God, for He cares for you’. It doesn’t mean give God your worries today and then take them back tomorrow because you may not see anything or nothing may have happened. Giving your worries to God means that because you trust God, you’ve surrendered your life to His control and given Him all of your worries, trusting that He knows you and cares enough about you to work things out the best way possible. You don’t have to be afraid, when you give your worries to God, He knows what you want to happen, He knows what you need, and He knows how best to bring about the best possible outcomes for whatever troubles you.


Patience is necessary when you give your problems to God, because we are sure that you know by now that waiting on God can take a long time. But if you will continually give your problems to God and stand on God’s promise in Hebrews “10:36 that states for you have need of patience that after you have done the will of God, you will receive that which has been promised to you”, you will receive answers to your prayers, solutions to your problems, and your stress load relieved in God’s perfect timing. We’ve shared with you before that trying to run ahead of God or trying to fix your own problems seldom works and usually causes more problems than what they are worth, we know this from some previous experiences that ended up being nightmares! We’ve also seen many people try to get ahead of God, and we’ve seen many people do any and everything to WIN at all cost with no regards to others or what it may cost them or the others they hurt. Individuals like that take on the independent, do it yourself approach, and they exit off of God’s highway. When they exit off of God’s Highway they become cordless because they are NO longer connected to God, their source. They immediately begin to experience defeat, a wearing down of all energy, and then they open the door to more attacks from the devil in the form of depression, mid life crises, a feeling of hopelessness, and a “Who cares attitude that becomes dangerous”. God doesn’t want you getting off of His highway as He directs your life just because things may be taking longer than what you had anticipated or may be taking longer than you wanted to have to wait. He wants you to keep walking with Him forward towards the bright future that He has in store for you!

So if you want God’s care and you are willing to choose God as your Primary Care Physician, continue to give your cares and worries to Him, He will eventually set you free to live your life with Joy, with Peace, and with eager anticipation for all of the good things that He will do for you now and in the future! We’ve learned that sometimes, God wants us all to take our hands off of things and let Him take care of It His way. Let Him do what only He can do. God doesn’t want you to worry about the outcome, let Him develop the outcome. Choose to believe that God really does have your best interest in mind as He handles the cares of your life, for He does have a wonderful plan for your life – Jeremiah 29:11.


Do you want to give your cares to God again and choose Him as Your Primary Care Physician? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Heavenly Father,

Creator of Heaven and Earth, forgive me for not totally releasing my concerns and my worries to you and for always trying to take them back and fix them myself because of long wait times. I choose to surrender my life and my worries to you. I give them all to you and I trust that You are NOT a man that You should lie, you will take care of me and work things out for me according to your plans and purposes for my life and for my good and your glory. Help me father to have more faith in you, Help me to stay encouraged, because you are the lifter of my head. Help me to stay on Your Highway of life and guide me to what you know will fulfill me as I wait on you to work out the worries and problems that plague my life, in Jesus, name I ask and pray – Amen!