God’s turnaround includes your health!

In addition to turning things around in your finances, God wants to turn things around in your health. Do you ever wake up tired, not feeling good, or with a headache? A backache, a stomach ache, or any other pain, sickness or disease? If that has ever happened to you, you’re in luck, because God wants to give you a turnaround in your health. Your health matters to God. He created you to be vibrant, full of life, energy, passion and desire. He gets no pleasure out of seeing you tired, sick, hurting, or can’t hardly make it.  You deserve better than this and as your creator so does God. God wants to invite you to pray for a turnaround in your health.

Praying for your health does not cost you anything.  And since you’re going to be praying anyway, praying for health only takes a little time. When you are sick or in pain, it is common to pray for health or healing. Many wonder does this work? Prayer will work if you will work it. God does answer prayers for health and healing but sometimes God heals by ending lives . Prayer has a delightful side effect when you begin praying for your health. The side effect of praying for your health is a better outlook on life, hope and sometimes a peaceful mind follows. Believing that God heard your prayer and will help you will not only make you feel better but it will give you assurance that you are not alone in your plights of disgust because God is with you and will help you.

There are studies today that are committed to studying the accuracy of prayer for health.  Prayer is an alternative to traditional treatments that can be used to help a person in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Studies are now looking at if prayer can be used in place of other medical procedures or if it should be used in connection with the traditional ways.

Praying for your health is important because it will help you relieve stress in your mind. When you have stress in your mind, your whole world view is thrown off and so is your life. Let God help you with the stress in your mind, pray for your health and pray for the health of all of those that you love.  If you pray for your health and for the health of the people that you love, you will see and get results.

One question that is often asked  is if prayer can help physically bring healing to the body? Studies are doing more work in this subject and have split it into three topics. One group received no prayers from a larger group, one received prayers and was told about it and the last had prayers  off and on and they were told that they may or may not received prayer and that if they did, the prayers were off and then on. This study proved that the group of people prayed for constantly  had better outcomes and results than the people that were not prayed for constantly. With this type of evidence being revealed, shouldn’t you be praying for your health and the health of those you love?

When praying is used with typical medical procedures it can only help you and those you love, but be careful how you pray for healing, because sometimes God heals by giving the ultimate healing for the person you are praying for which is death. God is busy working to answer your prayers for a turnaround, and if you will continue to pray, He will continue to work. So what are you waiting for, start praying!

Want God to give you a turnaround in your health? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Father in Heaven,
Thank you for wanting to give me a turnaround in my life, my finances, my health and my outlook on life. I do want the turnaround in my life that you want to give me and I invite you to come in my life and turn my health around. I also invite and accept Jesus Christ to become my Lord and Savior to join me in turning my health around. I ask for your blessings on me, my health and your blessings on WIN International Ministries and their staff’s health today and always, in Jesus name I ask and pray – Amen