Your prison cell of bad circumstances can’t hold you forever!

The local TV meteorologist occasionally points to a map and says something like this: “I’m afraid that things are going to get worse before they get better.”

Such a forecast could very well have applied to Israel when God sent Moses to free His people from slavery in Egypt. The barometer of events was falling rapidly, and the dark, ominous sky of oppression would soon break forth into a churning, flashing storm of cruelty unleashed by Pharaoh.

Moses had appealed to Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go into the desert to worship God, but the king accused them of loafing on the job – Exodus 5:1,17. So he multiplied their workload, and the situation went from bad to horrible. Moses cried out in bitterness to the Lord for an explanation. He found it hard to believe that God would send Him into such circumstances and then allow His attempts to rescue the people to fail!

The plans of the Lord were not being frustrated; however, before conditions would get better for His children, God tested them by allowing their suffering to increase. Has your suffering increased? Have you noticed that God will give you a promise and then while you’re waiting on God to “fix” things or bring that promise to fulfillment that He’s spoken in your life, things often get worse and worse?  When this happens, you may find yourself wondering what is going on and where is God?  You may wonder if the promises spoken in your life were really from God or not, especially if they did not or are not coming true. If this is happening to you right now, we’ve been there and understand how you feel, it’s not a good feeling but it’s often something that doesn’t change until God is ready to change it, if it is really His promise to you.

Even when you are obedient to the Lord, the skies of your adversity may not always clear immediately. What you thought should happen in a day can often take weeks, then months, then years to even come true, if it is a promise that God has given you. To have to wait on God a long time to fulfill His promises to you is not unusual! Consider Abraham, God spoke to Him when He was 75 years old and told him that He was going to give him a son, it did not happen instantly! Abraham had to wait 25 years for God’s promise to come true in His life. So while you’re waiting on the promises that God has spoken in your life to come true, it is not unusual for circumstances to get worse before they improve. But praise God, His grace will sustain you; He will guide you and have mercy upon you. If you keep on staying in faith trusting and believing that God is not a man that He should lie, He is a keeper of all of His promises, you will walk out of your prison of bad circumstances eventually!

If you are at a place where it seems like things are just not going to get any better, and you have been going through for a long time and waiting on God now for a very long time, we’re encouraging you to have faith in God, the sun will shine again, you will be happy again, you will make it through! It may not look like it, and your pathway may be very dark because of such bad circumstances, but hold on in faith, trusting that eventually everything will be alright! God has planned your way and ours so have faith in God, have faith always. God won’t let you down!

It’s always darkest before the dawn. So don’t faint and don’t give up and quit dear one, God will fix what needs to be fixed, and your prison doors that are holding you in bad circumstances will swing wide open, and you’ll be able to run out of them and never ever look back!