Does your life seem like the Government has shut it down?


Do you feel stuck in life? Does it seem like one door after another has been slammed shut in your face while you watch others sail through life with seemingly not a care or a problem in the world? Have you ever wondered if this is all there is to life? Have you wondered if this the best that God can do for you or provide for you? If you can relate to any of this, let us reassure you, you are not alone to wonder just what in the world is going on. We have found that in life the road that God charts out for you to travel is often full of potholes, detours, unforeseen circumstances, setbacks, set ups for failures and dysfunctional situations that will often times try to choke every drop of life out of you all of which can make you think and feel like you’re stuck. We understand that being stuck is not a good feeling nor a wanted feeling, we too have been there and we didn’t like it and don’t want to go back to being stuck. When you’re stuck, it seems like every day is a bore, a drain, or a dread and depression, anger and hostility seem to be your new constant companions rather than joy, happiness and abundance. This is not what God wants for you. He does not want you feeling stuck. He does not want you walking around feeling like your situations are hopeless and there are no solutions to whatever might be making you feel stuck. Oftentimes the feeling of being stuck manifests when you feel like you are not making any progress in your finances. Your marriage or relationships are not getting any better and you either can’t get out of them or they refuse to change and become better. Being stuck also manifest when there are no new opportunities or no new doors opening for you or you may be going through a health problem with yourself or someone you love that seems to keep dragging on with no solutions in sight. So to help you understand and see some of the reasons you might feel stuck, let’s look at some reasons why you might feel stuck;

1.) God wants you to understand first of all that you are in no way being punished, denied, or held hostage against your will if you feel stuck or if you are having problems getting things to work right in your life. Although where you are in life right now may hurt, you may not like it, and you may have wanted out of your circumstances on yesterday, God has a reason for allowing the conditions of your life that you are currently experiencing to linger on. Sometimes God may reveal the reasons why your current situations may linger on and other times He may not choose to reveal the reasons why your current situations may linger on. This is why God constantly speaks to you about trusting Him and having faith in Him. You see, really bad situations force you to need God like you never have before. Really bad situations cause you to seek God like you never sought Him before. Really bad situations make you question God and His motives towards you like you never have before and believe it or not, your searching and reaching for God pleases Him and allows Him the opportunity to draw you into a closer and a deeper relationship with Him. So sometimes although God may not move or change things as quickly as you would want Him to, He wants His presence and His workings in your life to be enough evidence for you to trust Him although you don’t understand what He is doing and why it may be taking so long for the results you want to manifest. Faith in God is believing in Him although you don’t see the whole picture or how things could possibly work out or work together for your good and God’s glory! So sometimes even though you may feel or think you’re stuck, it is simply God issuing you an invitation to spend more time with Him and His word so that He can direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6 states “In all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your paths.

 2.) God loves you and wants only the best for you. God is very generous, and He has great abundance in store for you. But sometimes being stuck where you are, allows God the time He needs to orchestrate other pieces of the plan that He has for your life to come together and work together for your good and His glory. There are many unseen factors that oftentimes need to be orchestrated by God to make things better for you and lead you on the pathway that He has chosen for you, so rather than allow you to go ahead and get out of the position He has you in, God oftentimes will allow you to remain in bad situations, dysfunctional environments, and jail cell type situations until He is able to provide what He wants the outcome to be. So your circumstances may appear to make you think and feel that you are stuck, but in all actuality you are not stuck you’re just being held until God is ready to bring about the better life that He is preparing for you!


3.)Oftentimes the direction that you may have been going in may not have been what God wanted for you, so one of the ways that He detours you and leads you back to Him is to frustrate where you are by not allowing it to work, not allowing additional resources, and not allowing any new open doors to open for you so that you will seek Him for the right direction that He has for you. Child of God, you matter to God. He cares for you. He has invested heavily into you and wants you to seek Him daily for the right direction for your life. He knows of your discomforts, He hears the grumblings and the complaining that goes on about things not working right and about there being insufficient help and not enough resources. Being stuck is 1 of God’s redirection tools to ensure that you don’t get ahead of Him. If you were to get ahead of God, you would spoil the perfect plans that He has crafted just for you! God wants to lead you one step at a time and at the right time so He oftentimes allows you to stay stuck until He is ready to lead you to the next step that He wants you to take. The pathways that God chooses for you are often filled with potholes, sinkholes, setups for failures and snakes in the grass, but if you will have faith in God and trust Him as your good Shepherd, He promises to get you where He wants you to be safely and without harm or blemish as He leads you step by step. But your part is to trust Him, to have faith in Him and to follow Him as He leads you. John 10:27 states “My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me”.

 So if you feel stuck essentially, Jesus is answering and saying to you if you feel stuck where you are simply “Have faith in God” – Mark 11:22