Has the chaos of Christmas caused you disappointments?


Depending upon where you are located in the world, we have 1 more day before Christmas and 7 more days before the end of the year. This year seems to have zipped by. As a matter of fact, it seems like just a few months ago we were all rolling in the new year of 2016 and now in less than 7 more days we will be ushering in the brand new year of 2016 that God is graciously giving us! If you’ve been travailing in prayer before God and using the online journals that we shared with you to record your prayers and God’s responses, we are sure that you have met one of the side effects of using travailing prayers and that is disappointments. Using travailing prayers are extremely powerful when done correctly, but the use of the travailing prayers attracts the devil and his evil cohorts to you to bring about their kissing cousins which are trouble, pain, setbacks, and disappointments. As we shared with you earlier, the devil wants to do everything that God allows him to do to spoil your Christmas. He does not want you happy or celebrating with family or friends and he does not want you to celebrate the birth of God’s one and only son Jesus Christ, so he works to distract you, derail you and disappoint you. The devil wants to make sure you have lots of troubles and problems that lead to disappointments.


The chaos of the Christmas holiday season is already stressful enough because of bad traffic, dealing with family members who have different personalities, trying to do holiday shopping when the stores are jam packed, having to work during the Christmas holiday, or trying to figure out what to cook and prepare for the Christmas holiday. You almost need a month off just to recuperate from having to deal with the Christmas holiday season because of the stressful overload that the Christmas holiday season brings. Being disappointed by life’s problems and troubles can make you extremely tired. It can make you moody. It can make you want to jump off a cliff and never look back, but child of God, you don’t have to settle for the mundane existence of dealing with the dirt that life’s problems have heaped on you trying to cause you disappointment. God’s only son Jesus Christ wants to intervene into your affairs and bring peace, restoration and joy to your disappointed areas. He wants to put back in you what life has taken out of you by you constantly having to go through so much. He wants to come into your life and make the differences that you can’t because of the kissing cousins of disappointment.


Jesus wants to change the painful experiences that you’ve had into something beautiful as you prepare to celebrate His birthday this year. He wants to meet with you at your points of need and at the point of your disappointments. Jesus can pick you up where other have put you down. Jesus can heal and restore what others can’t. Jesus can save you when you can’t save yourself. If you’ve been broken and you’re out of money, Jesus can show you how to get money and where to casts your nets so you can get money. If you are sick in your body and need healing, Jesus is a healer, He can heal you. If you are tired, Jesus can refresh you. If you need direction for your life, Jesus can lead you.


If the disappointments of life has caused you to be down, Jesus Christ is willing to pick you up again and help you get back on your feet again. He is willing to clean the mess that life may have dealt you and left you to figure it all out. Challenges happen in everyone’s life at some point and time and most of them are extremely terrible and need a power greater than what is at your disposal to be fixed, so Jesus waits His turn to be invited into your circumstances so that He can do what you are not able to do and so that He can make the differences that you can’t and so that He can heal and fix what you have been unable to.


Oftentimes disappointments come to test you and to try you. Your disappointments may make you wonder where is God in your disappointments? God may not have orchestrated your disappointments but He allowed them and usually when your disappointments come, they are appointments with God. If you accept your appointments with God, He wants you to invite His son Jesus Christ into your circumstances to fix what has disappointed you. Draw very close to God, draw even closer to Jesus Christ, and they will deliver you out of what has disappointed you! The devil is never going to give up trying to cause you grief and disappointments, so you must learn how to fight. You must learn to put on the whole armor of God and stand against the wiles, the schemes and the tricks of the devil that lead to disappointments. If you don’t know how to stand against the wiles, schemes, and tricks of the devil, when you invite Jesus Christ into your circumstances to fix your disappointments, ask Him to teach you and then give Him the time and space that He requires to work.

Want to invite Jesus Christ to help change what has disappointed you? Join us in this simple prayer;

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for willing paying the price that God required to become my personal Lord and Savior. I want to wish you a very happy Birthday and I want to tell you that I appreciate and value you as my Savior and I do want and need your help in dealing with and changing what has disappointed me. I thank God for you, and I invite you to come into my life and my circumstances to help me Jesus. Save me Jesus. Fix what I can’t fix and heal what I can’t. Let me be whole again, in body, mind and Spirit. Lead me in ways that will be pleasing to my Father in Heaven God, so that it will all work for my good and for God’s greater Glory. – Amen