Something Is Going On….

Dear God seeker,

God is up to something, and you have been drawn to this message for a reason. God laid it on our hearts to share today’s newsletter with those that He would draw to this message.   These past few weeks for our ministry have been full of changes, challenges, and new directions. As God moves and orchestrates in the Earth Realm, thankfully He’s chosen to bless us, improve us and anoint us for such a time as this. He is working diligently to improve, alter and accelerate His Kingdom’s plans and purposes and at this time, our ministry is in a time of transition, acceleration, and growth. Things are changing and moving like never before. So stay tuned to us as we stay tuned to God, He is definitely at work in our lives as well as yours!

If you too have been faced with changes, challenges, and new directions, chances are God is up to something Good in your life. And although what ever God is up to in your life is going to be good, if you’re like us you don’t like the construction that God does in our life en route to our something good.

But For years God has walked the Earth realm seeking those who would seek after Him, He has walked the earth realm seeking those who would follow Him and move and work according to His rhythm and His timing. When God finds what He’s been looking for, changes, challenges and new directions often follow whom He has chosen. It can be pretty turbulent following God, pretty uncertain and pretty tiring and draining, but “to whom much is given much is required”. If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are, God has found you to be one of the one’s He’s been looking for. If you’re one of the one’s that God has been looking for, we have some suggestions for you that will help you make it out and over to the other side as God works. The suggestions are don’t run from God, don’t hide from God, don’t murmur and complain about what He is permitting, how long it’s been, what you don’t have and how you don’t know how you’re gonna get there”. Just endure the process and keep praying, study your Bible, and fellowship with like minded believers so that they can keep you prayed up and encouraged up when times get trying, overbearing and over the top. It is often when you are really going through it that the devil will come and visit you and try to do his best work to make you quit, make you curse God or make you do something that you might later regret, don’t fall for the bait of the devil and the temptation to be alone when times get hard and bad, get yourself some help, go to a church, get with a close friend, go to your local charity associations, whatever you do, get help! Your life and sanity could depend upon it.


We’ve found that the pathway that God places you on once you’re chosen can be long, hard, lonely and full of hardships, but God is in control, He’s faithful, He knows what He’s doing and what the something good is on the other side of the “Heavy Construction” that might be going on in your life, no matter how bad it gets if you want what’s on the other side of your heavy construction, you will have to stay the course with God and endure it.


It has often been said that “Many are called, but few are chosen”. Consider it a privilege and a joy that God has chosen you. Consider it a privilege and a joy that Almighty God has found you worthy to sit at His table so that He can prepare an amazing future for you! Don’t forfeit your place at God’s table by allowing bad attitudes, murmuring and complaining, fear, doubt, depression and dissatisfaction to creep into your life and into your environments and drag you down and hinder what God wants to do next in your life, choose to pray and put on the garment of praise and choose to be like us and say “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”, praise Him and say, “Abba Father’”, I did not choose myself, you chose me, help me, pull me up, fill me up, empower me and draw me closer to your table so that I may have sup with you! Fill my belly with food and my empty pockets with money, fix the racing thoughts in my mind and call them to order, “Allow me to have the mind of Christ”, so that I may instruct not insanely but sanely. Pump new life in my body and remove the stain of sin from my thought process and life, create in me a clean heart, renew in me a right spirit, breathe the fresh air of your Holy Spirit in me so that I can step out of sin, disorder, insanity and discouragement in Jesus’s name I ask and pray! Amen!

To God Be the Glory

Evangelist Wendy Evans CEO & Founder of

WIN International Ministries

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