Can God help YOU manage “YOUR” Stress?

Stress is a very popular part of society.  It is not addressed in the correct way for most people.  There is so much discussion about depression these days because there are more and more people that are faced with it.  There are many causes of stress and most of them are very popular with most people while others are not so well known. If you are the victim of stress’s evil crutches, you’re in luck, God wants to help you learn how to manage the stress that is overloading you, worrying you and making you oh so tired. Many people don’t realize this but they are so tired because they are so stressed out and they are having problems getting enough sleep.   If a person is not getting enough sleep, they are going to be irritable a lot, tired a lot, confused a lot, in a bad mood a lot and not in the right state of mind.  People who are stressed out are easier targets for getting stressed out because their body and mind is so vulnerable to it. There are other causes for stress as well.  For some people they are having a hard time at work.  Maybe they are working too many hours and are not getting home to spend time with family like they would want. Or maybe, they are having to work a lot of hours and they hate the job or they not making enough money or can’t seem to find a decent job. In some instances on the job, a boss may be too demanding or may yell at you for no good reason.  This is enough to make any person feel upset, stressed and depressed. If you have a long commute home from work and the stress of traffic is getting to you, this can also cause some major problems and stress.  For some people, they may start to have road rage or anger towards other drivers on the road because they are very tired and stressed out and need to take it out on somebody.  This is a definite cause for people to gain too much stress.

Another reason for stress is being fired or laid off from a job.  If a person is having trouble at work, or they have lost their job, they are going to find themselves with feelings of depression and anxiety. They may feel this way because they’ve lost their source of reliable income and they don’t know how or if they are going to be able to make it. If any of this sounds like you, you don’t have to deal with your stress and your stressful situations alone. God wants to help you deal with your stress and He wants to help you manage it in such a way that it is not overburdening you, not wearing you out and not trying to drive you to the brink of insanity. Do you want or need God to help you manage your stress? If a person is worried about money, they may be more inclined to have stress in their life.  When a person is worried that they cannot pay their bills or if they are not earning enough money, they will also start to feel depressed and stressed from all the worrying.  This can also cause relationship problems at home, with their family members and with others.  If a person is having money troubles, it may start to affect the way a husband and wife gets along along with their other relationships.  This can even lead to divorce and separation in some cases. Many divorces have been traced to stress and lack of sufficient funds in the household.. Family problems with certain family member are also sources of stress. You may find that you are adding stress to your life if you are constantly having to go through with your family members..  This is something that can be avoided if you are willing to confront your problems with the family member and try to work out solutions, but when that’s not possible, praying to God for help, guidance and solutions in the situations will make a difference in how the stress load of the situations plays out.

Stress is very common and almost everyone is either going through something stressful, have experienced something stressful or know of stress’s evil effects on someone. .  It can be hard to deal with but when you pray and work with God doing what He guides you to do in your stressful situations, He can help you manage your stress and help you live a happier and healthier life. God can help you have more good days than bad days and He can help keep what is stressing you out under His control. You don’t have to walk around tired and all stressed out dreading having to get up every day because you don’t know what the day is going to bring. God wants much more than this for you. He wants to help you learn how to manage your stress so that you can be happy again and be freed up to walk in and fulfill the higher plans and purposes that He created you for! You have probably already figured out that stress happens in your life or stress that has been inflicted upon you either voluntarily or involuntarily doesn’t play fair, and it doesn’t know the meaning of rules. If you are fed up with having to deal with stress and the effects that it is having on you or those you love, God wants to help you turn this all around.

When you are dealing with stress you not only need help, you need an ally. You need an ally that will not only listen to you, help you, guide you, comfort you, provide for you, and support you, but you need someone with power that can help you manage and control your stress. God is such an ally. He is a very present help in times of need. He listens without complaining. He doesn’t violate your confidences. He guides you based upon all of the factors that He sees involved in the situation. He opens doors for you that no one can shut. He can make ways out of no way, and create streams of living water in low, barren and tight places. He supports your opinion but gently rebukes, or convicts you of wrong doing when necessary and protects you with His strong presence. He can control what is stressing you out. He is Almighty God, and no one compares to His strength, His power, His care of you or His watchful eye of every detail of your life. He doesn’t want you oh, so tired and stressed out. He wants to help you manage your stress.

When you invite God to come into your circumstances to help you manage your stress, He will begin to turn things around for the good of all involved. He will begin to control what has been uncontrollable. He will begin to work on even the most resistant situations. Although it may take some time because of what has occurred or what is occurring, no situation is too hard for God and no problem too small. God is ready, willing and able to help you deal with and manage your stress if you are willing and able to follow His directives!

Do you want to invite God in your life to help you manage your stress? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Dear Father, Thank you for speaking to me about my life and what I am going through dealing with stress. I need your help Father, and I cannot deal with this stress alone and I am unable to fix what is stressing me out. I invite you to work on me to help me significantly improve my ability to deal with and manage my stressful situations. Guide me to solutions that work and help me find ways to cope with the unhealthy ways that stress is taking it’s toll on me. Create in me a clean heart, renew within me a right spirit, blot out my transgressions and remember my sins and former unacceptable ways or dealing with stress, in Jesus’s name I ask and pray -Amen!