Are Problems causing you to be Depressed?

Everyone on the planet feels worried or sad from time to time, it’s perfectly normal and natural. If we weren’t to feel these feelings we wouldn’t be human, and for the most part these feelings are unavoidable especially because of life’s forever changing circumstances. It could be worry for your children, bills you may have to pay, your workplace or maybe your health. Whatever it may be, anxiety and depression is part of everyday life on this planet. There is just no way to escape it’s evil clutches.

The problem is, that sometimes life for you can become so over the top, it can become saturated with worry, stress and anxious thoughts going through your head 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week. When this happens you must understand that this is not normal and this can affect the way you feel, act or behave towards your self and others if you don’t get some help.


Have you wondered if your over the top problems are trying to be in control of your life? Could depression’s evil grip have seized hold of your mind, your will and your emotions and locked you up in the prison cell of misery. Are you taunted daily by the oppressive overbearing control that depression tries to inflict on you? Let’s take a look and see if you may be suffering from anxiety or depression? Lets find out.

Below are some questions that you can ask yourself to give you a clearer indication as to whether or not you maybe suffering from anxiety or depression.

I’ve been crying for no clear reason.
I pace around when I’m worried.
Sometimes I can’t make myself get out of bed.
I avoid going into crowded areas.
I can’t seem to make myself exercise.
I avoid risks because I’m afraid of failure.
I don’t do things for fun lately.
I always play things on the safe side.
I’ve been missing work lately because I just don’t have the motivation.
I’m really fidgety.
I’ve been doing everything at a much slower pace for no good reason.
I avoid people or places that remind me of a bad past experience.
I don’t care what I look like anymore.
I spend too much time making sure I look okay.
I don’t laugh anymore.
My hands shake when I’m nervous.
I’ve been letting things go that I need to attend to.
I feel compelled to repeat actions (such as hand washing, checking locks, arranging things in a certain way, and so on).

If most of the above statements ring true for yourself then don’t feel lost and alone. Anxiety and depression can come in your life when Chaos and Confusion and other illegal invaders come out and try to take over and take control of your life and your peace. You don’t have to take it. Fight back. Call upon God! Pray to God! Seek God! Pray to God! Petition God for His help, His Grace, His interventions, and His Alterations until the problems, afflictions, difficulties or issues are no longer a problem, difficulty, issue or affliction. Keep on Calling upon God, praying to God and seeking God until you are rid of whatever is trying to choke the life out of you and cause you depression or anxiety. Be like the widow who went to the unjust Judge who did not want to act because of foul and evil circumstances..The widow went to the unjust judge so many times, He finally granted her request because he did not want to get worn out from her bothering him so much..See Luke 18:18

1 way or another, it will continue to be be a problem and it will get out of hand, unless it is challenged and you’re rid of it by a Higher Power. We suggest You consult with God, Morning, Noon and Night for the next 31 days. Seek Him for advice on what you can do to overcome your anxiety and depression until He intervenes and rids you of whatever is depressing you, trying to make you anxious and threatening to choke the life out of you.


You should never let problems take control of your life or your peace as this would be unhealthy primarily for you as well as others around you and this would also suggest that God is really not in control if your problems are. You can get more information on how to deal with anxiety and depression by reading the Scriptures located in the Psalms 

If you read the Psalms, you’ll see that David grew despondent and depressed quite a bit and He grew weary many times but he learned how to lean on, seek and depend on God for help and to get through it all and defeat and overcome his enemies and his adversaries. If God helped David to get through and overcome his depressive, oppressive and anxious situations, He’ll help you too. For additional help Seek Local churches in your area for help, assistance and prayer. Also call and lean on prayer lines that are open 24 hours a day. Much help is available to you, but you are required to reach for it, in order to get it. Don’t let Depression, anxiety and oppression WIN, Fight Back, you’ll win the war over it, if you don’t give up, or give out and QUIT!