God wants to invite you to work with Him to get to your promised land!

You may have already discovered that one of the paradoxes of your walk with God’s gifts is that often they require huge amounts of work on your part. After God delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians, the Lord led them to the Promised land and told them He was going to “give” it to them. It wasn’t long before they realized, however, that they were going to have to fight battles and overcome fortified cities in order to inhabit the land.They realized that the promised land was not going to be just handed to them on a silver platter,they would have to work and work hard to get to the promised land and then work to stay in the promised land.

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God did promise that they would not have to fight the battles on their own, but even with this divine advantage the Israelites themselves would be required to destroy their enemies and in order to do this – they would still need to fight.They might have preferred that God just give them the land, without having to do anything; to just walk into already built cities and houses without any conflict or opposition.But this was not God’s plan. He desired and expected their full cooperation,expecting them to take serious responsibility for the destiny He had prepared for them,and to grow in faith, thereby. In other words,He expected them to work.


Your situation might be similar. Though the gift of your salvation is free, the Lord requires you to work with Him on the way to your promised land!-Phil. 2:12.  If you are currently experiencing setbacks,job loss,pain,sufferings,hurts,betrayals,lack and doubts on the way to your promised land,God is giving you the opportunity to work with Him in finding solutions that will propel you forward and onward and upward into the promised land that He holds for you. If you do not work or do not want to work with God in getting through your current predicaments, you will often find yourself stuck in the same old rut year in and year out. After  awhile you may even forget that God even had a promised land for you.

Almost everything that God gives you will always cost you something. Your promised land will always cost you investments of your time,energy and efforts along with the patience and endurance to stay the course until God’s promises for your promised land come true!  It can be hard to keep on working towards your promised land and waiting on God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life, its’ hard, but it’s not impossible!  You are not automatically or supernaturally filled with knowledge of the Bible,or given faith to move mountains,and you probably don’t have the power to pray without ceasing either, it all requires effort or work.  Instead, you discover that you have to fight the fight of faith daily,and you may discover that if you want to know what the Bible says,you have to invest time,energy and effort into reading or listening to  it in order to know it. If you have a job,you also know that the employer is not going to pay you if you do not work, getting to your promised land is no different ,if you want to get there,you do have to work. God wants you to take serious responsibility for the destiny  He has prepared for you,and He wants you to work joyfully with Him towards solutions to any problems you encounter en-route to your promised land!

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Are you discouraged because the walk of a believer is more difficult than you imagined and the challenges greater than you expected?  Don’t be! God is calling you to the simple responsibility of working and He’s working on increasing your faith in Him. He wants you to participate with Him in the creation of your  own destiny. We encourage you to be grateful that God doesn’t treat you like a helpless infant who has no part in shaping his or her own life, but God treats you as a growing adult who can rejoice in his or her participation with a loving and powerful Creator. So go forth dear child of God and accept God’s invitation to work with Him!You will get to your promised land if you don’t faint,give up and quit! Stay in God’s word, as you continue to walk with Him. The entrance of God’s word gives light –  Psalm 119:130.

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