The barren Christmas tree!

We would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and an even happier New Year. The day that we have all been waiting for is here, Christmas, the celebration of God’s one and only son Jesus Christ’s birthday. How will you choose to honor Jesus for His birthday this Christmas? In honor of Jesus’s birthday, we had a “Silent Night, Holy Night” in Jesus honor in which we prayed, listened to music and simply listened! We wanted to show our love, appreciation and our gratitude for who Jesus is and for the sacrifice that He made for us all when He died on the cross so that we could be reconciled back to God and have a personal relationship with God.

Is your Christmas holiday turning out to be all that you wanted it to be or all that you had hoped that it would be? If it’s not, consider this, God’s 1 and only son who has God’s divine nature came into this sin filled world not to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many – Matthew 20:28. Jesus was more into what He could do for God’s kingdom rather than what God could do for Him and His needs. So putting the needs of others ahead of His own is what Jesus did best as the son of God, so if you’re finding that you’re having to serve others and put their needs ahead of your own too this holiday season, understand that as a follower of Jesus Christ, this is all a part of your Christan journey as you walk with God en-route to the destiny that God is preparing you for.

If you’re not careful, the commercialism of Christmas, will deceitfully lure you into it’s web and have you spending money like crazy. Before you know it, your checking account may be overdrawn, your credit cards maxed out and you may find yourself having to rob Peter to pay Paul. Especially if you watch a lot of TV, listen to the radio or read a lot of newspapers,  retailers are master deceivers at luring you in with sale prices, discounts, bargains and coupons. Retailers want you to think and focus on giving and getting gifts not on the birth of Jesus Christ, and giving and getting gifts are good, but what do you do after all of the gifts have been opened and the Christmas tree is barren and now there are no gifts under the tree?
Well we have the perfect answer for you. God wants to do a deeper work in your life this Christmas that will set you on the right pathway to the destiny that He has planned for you. God wants to transform you, your life and what is not working in your life and He wants to lead you on a richer pathway that will be consistent and fruitful for you!  To do this, God is inviting you to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ so that His work in your life can advance. If you’ve already invited Jesus Christ into your life to become your personal Lord and savior, we’d like to recommend you to accept God’s invitation to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have not invited Jesus Christ into your life to become your personal Savior, we’d like to invite you to do so now.

Most Christmas gifts are fleeting, they don’t last long, or they don’t work right or the gift you got may not be what you wanted, but Jesus Christ is a priceless gift to you from God that will give you many benefits for many years to come. Among the many benefits that you will receive when you accept Jesus Christ’s deeper walk with you are eternal life, the gift of a personal and growing relationship with God and you will be saved from your sins. If your Christmas tree is barren now that all or most of the Christmas presents have been opened, we’d like to invite you to accept the gift of God’s son, Jesus Christ on a deeper level. Accept this free gift Of Jesus which will keep on giving, and giving and giving. Jesus is the free gift that is similar to the energizer battery, He keeps going and going and going, He is able and willing to turn your life around.


The same old crap that has been happening in your life doesn’t have to keep on happening to you and it doesn’t have to happen to you next year.  You don’t have to stay stuck, broke, and sick, tired and can hardly make it. As a child of God, you do have a choice; choose to make that choice today.  Almost every one we know is tired of going through something and can’t take any more and need fresh oil from God. Almost everyone we know needs a miracle resurrection from God and almost everyone we know need God’s Holy Ghost revival in order to make it. You are not alone, dear one.

You can make a change starting now, all you have to do is step out of your yesterday by simply choosing to accept God’s gift of Jesus today or, if you’ve already accepted Jesus, accept God’s gift of Jesus Christ to deepen your relationship with Jesus and then claim your New today and step forward into your better tomorrow. When you do this, Jesus will make the barren places in your life flourish according to the will and plan of His father who sent Him! We’ve already stepped away from our barren Christmas tree and we’ve stepped out of  our yesterdays and we’ve chosen this Christmas to accept God’s free gift of Jesus Christ on a deeper level so that we can have better tomorrows and walk with excellence into the better plans and purposes that God has for us! We are looking forward to Deeping our relationship with Jesus Christ; we invite you to do the same so you too can claim the extraordinary life and the extraordinary benefits that God has waiting just for YOU!

Do you want to accept God’s invitation to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ? If that is what you want, join us in this simple prayer; Holy Father, creator of Heaven and Earth, thank you for Jesus Christ whose birthday we celebrate today, show me father how best to celebrate Jesus’s birthday today in such a way that it brings Him honor and you glory! I want to invite Jesus Christ into my life and I want to deepen my relationship with Him. I invite Him now, to come into my heart and begin this advanced work that He wants to do in my life so that I can begin to have the fruitful and consistent pathway of your promises manifest in my life, in Jesus’s Holy name I ask and pray – Amen