What gift will you bring?

Depending upon where you are in the world and what calendar you are use daily, Christmas is fast approaching us. Here in Tampa Florida we are on Eastern Standard Time and according to our calendar, we have 5 more days before Christmas! Can you believe that? Where did the time go, it only seems like a few month ago we were celebrating the new year of 2012 being ushered in. Well by now you have come to realize that Christmas is coming whether you are ready or not. You may have made your list and checked it twice and you may already have something for everyone on your Christmas list and while there may still be a few things that remain that you might need to get for a few folks here and there, what about God? Is He on your Christmas list? Have you taken the time yet to think of what gift you will give God this year?

God is worthy of you giving Him a Christmas gift because He is  a gracious father who loves you and cares for you and takes care of you daily when others walk out on you. God provides for you, He encourages you, He comforts you, He helps you and He sustains you. God demonstrated the depth of His love for you when He sent His son Jesus Christ into the world more than 2000 years ago to be born of the Virgin Mary to live as the one and only son of God who would later suffer and die a horrific death so that you could be saved from your sins and so that you could gain the privilege of having eternal life with God- John 3:16.  So as we get ready in 5 days to celebrate and honor the birth of God’s one and only son Jesus Christ on Christmas Day, what gift will you bring to God to recompense Him for being the Heavenly father that He has been to you this year? Remember when Jesus was born in the inn 3 men visited Jesus after His birth and presented Him with, gold, frankincense and myrrh. The 3 wise men traveled a long and hard road to get to where Jesus was so that they would be able to present their gifts to show honor to God for the gracious gift of His son Jesus that He had provided for the world. – Matthew 2:11

You are much better off than the 3 wise men were who traveled a long road that was rough to get to where Jesus was.  You don’t have to travel that far and deal with a rough road because God is within your reach and so is Jesus.  They are only a prayer away. So this year,  showing them honor and gratitude for all that they have done for you this year and during your life time would be a very noble and very good thing to do. So we encourage you to think on this for the next few days…..What gift will you bring?  As you ponder the question, “what gift will I bring”, think on this; God has created you for a reason and He’s created you to fulfill a specific purpose. As you think, carefully analyze the intricate details of your life and examine whether or not your life and your pattern for living lines up with who God has originally created you to be. For example, did God gift you to sing? If He did, are you using your voice to bring glory to God and comfort and healing to others? Did God gift you to be a speaker? Are you using your voice to win others to God and to Jesus Christ so that they too can have a growing dynamic relationship with God and with Jesus? Did God gift you to be great in financial matters? Are you using your gift to create wealth portals to create a better life for God’s people and wealth channels for God’s kingdom and are you contributing to those less fortunate than you? In other words what are you really good at doing that doesn’t seem like work and doesn’t feel like work?  Whatever it is that you’re really good at is an area that God has gifted you in.  What you’re really good at is a clue to what God has  gifted  you in.

After you’ve thought about what you feel God has gifted you to do and  what God has gifted you to be, we very highly suggest that you rededicate the gift that God has given you back to Him so that He can use it for the original plans and or purposes that He has created you for. In our opinion, that’s the best gift that you can give to Almighty God this Christmas Holiday Season. But Think on this  question for yourself and carefully consider with great thought, what gift will I bring and when you’re realy to answer, tell God your answer when you pray.


Do you want to rededicate the gift that God has given you back to Him? If you do want to;

Join us in this simple prayer; Father God, until now, I never realized that you’ve been giving me gifts all of my life and I have yet to take the time to consider what gift I could give you. Father, please forgive me for my ignorance and for my shortcomings. I do want to give you a gift this holiday season, and I am choosing to give back to you the gift that you have given me by surrendering to you, my time, my talents and my gifted area to be used to fulfill the plans and purposes that you originally created me for. Please accept this gift even if it seems long overdue.  Merry Christmas father and thank you for sending us Jesus Christ to be our personal Lord and Savior! – Amen