Remember, God doesn’t Want YOU to Worry!

One evening Our friend Rick came by all sad and depressed.  We took him to our park to show him how carefree the animals were.  When we got to the park we saw that Ducks swam happily, birds chirped all around us. The ducks and the birds came close to us and picked up food.  We pointed the birds to him and reminded him that Jesus told him to look at the birds and flowers, they were cared for by their Creator and they did not worry. Jesus said not to worry but to pray.  Although animals are different  from us, Jesus was making a point and that point is to trust that God our Creator will  take care of us. When you worry, you are not trusting.  When you worry, you rob yourself of time, energy and effort that you could be using doing something else.  Most people worry about their future, money, health, and relationships, but God wants you to come to the point in your relationship with Him that you do not worry anymore about how things are going to work out or if they are going to work out. He wants you to come to the point in your relationship with Him that your trust in Him is so strong and so sure, that you know that things are going to work out and that God will take care of you and your problems. Your life will be so much more bountiful, joyful and full of glee when you give your problems and your burdens to God in Prayer leaving worry and anxiety behind. Totally trusting in God and surrendering to His will and His way for your life, helps you to believe that God will know exactly what to do to bring about right outcomes and right solutions for whatever you bring to Him in Prayer!

Below are reasons you should let go of worry and the insecurity that is attached to worry;

Insecurity causes fear

Fear is the reason for worry. Some people will try to sell you human remedies, but if you’re like us, you’ve found that some problems resist human remedies.  Worry is mental distress or agitation usually for something impending or anticipated . Insecurity indicates that You have already enacted a future doom in your mind. This affects your peace and confidence, resulting in fear.

Human sources will fail

Trust in human sources of income like jobs and investments will bring fear. No human source is trust worthy. They will fail due to the fallen nature of the human race. You cannot trust people or systems to meet your needs and to provide you with what you want or need. You should place your trust in God, He won’t fail you!


Worry does not help

You cannot add one inch to your height or change a hair white or black by worrying. You worry about losing jobs and business, in this economy. Moreover, you also worry about non-essentials.  Only food and clothing are essential to live. All others are negotiable.  If you lost everything but can eat and dress, you should be thankful. God can replace or replenish anything essential that you need or anything essential that you lost.

Prayer provides true Security

Prayer will place your confidence in God, He created you. When you pray the burden shifts to God. A child has trust and faith in parents. Jesus said you should have child like faith and trust in God. Many have misplaced their trust in the wrong sources.

Remember, Prayer focuses on God and His power and His ability not your power or your ability.  Jesus did not tell you not to work but He told you not to worry!  The first command to Adam was to work the ground, be fruitful, and multiply.  You should work as hard as you can. However, leave the results to God.  Have faith that you can trust God. Have faith that God does know what He is doing and He does know what is best for you.  Do not place your security in the job itself or in people, if you do, undoubtedly you will eventually be disappointed.


Prayer offers peace of mind

Watch the birds fly and move freely without a care in the world.  Their father in Heaven feeds them. Look at the flowers of the field, God clothes them so beautifully. If God can take and feed the birds, and cloth the flowers of the wild, He certainly can take care of you.  You are more precious than they are.

Therefore, why worry when you can pray. Insecurity causes fear. Human sources will fail. Worry does not help.  Prayer provides true security and prayer offers peace of mind. God will always make a way for you.  He will always guide you and create pathways for you when the roads you have to travel seem blocked, bumpy or full of potholes, so don’t worry, simply pray!

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day, refuse to worry, simply Pray.  Pray like Jesus did in Matthew 6:9-13  “Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts,  as we also have forgiven our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,  For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever.  Amen.

R. Fenn  & “The WIN International Ministries Team”