Got problems?Turn to God for help!

The world we live in is changing everyday. It is so incredibly easy to become dragged down and depressed by everyday life. It can sometimes seem like you don’t get through going through one thing before you have to go through something else. It’s already enough that you have to deal with your own problems, your business problems, your family’s problems and then either your job problems or your business’s problems but you also have to deal with the world’s problems. If you’ve ever watched the news or listened to the radio you know of the depressing and unsettling information that you can hear every day if you stay tuned to it long enough. It can really be too much and if you’re not careful it will drag you down, make you distrustful, put you in a bad mood and have you afraid of everything and everybody!stuck2

It is no wonder that at times you can sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost, depressed and just plain down in the dumps. Entertaining the demons of depression does not have to be your lot in life; help is available to you if you will simply ask God for His help. All you have to do is ask God through prayer to help you! God listens to your prayers and determines what He feels is the best way to respond to your troubles. His answers are in accordance to His plans and His purposes for your life. Sometimes when God tarries and doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers, typically this means that the answer is either “no” or “not yet”, or keep waiting for His set time to bring about the answers to your prayers!

You can begin to lose yourself and forget who you really are, when you are struggling so much and just trying to get through it all. It doesn’t have to be this way. God wants to give you a way of escape! If you want God’s plan of escape for your life, here is what we suggest you do; Pick a quiet place that you can be alone with God. Bring Him all of your problems, your anxieties and your struggles. Pour your heart out to Him. As you may already know, God already knows all of your problems but He enjoys you spending time with Him and talking to Him about all that concerns you. Also grab your Bible and find any scriptures that you can hold on to so that you can claim those scriptures as you continue to talk to God and wait upon Him to orchestrate His answers for your life!

OpeninprayerAs you pray, ask God for the strength to face something that is bothering you or you may want to ask for a solution to a personal problem, or to be pointed in the right direction for an answer. You may have tried repeatedly and failed to get anywhere as you seek to follow God for a better life, so simply asking God to give you a solution is a wonderful alternative that will get you results eventually.

As we’ve shared with you in previous messages, God has a set time to answer your prayers. God works in His own time and on His own schedule. He will however work to sustain you as you wait upon Him to move or come through for you! Another thing to bear in mind is that your problems may not be resolved in the manner you had anticipated, but in the way God feels is best for you. God wants to help you change your life so that you can go on, but doing so often requires that you let go of all of the broken pieces of your life and all of the broken pieces of the world that surrounds you and then continue to wait for God’s perfect solutions to your problems. God’s hands are open and He is ready to receive the broken pieces of your life. He wants to help you with all of your problems, all of your disappointments and all of your setbacks! Are you truly ready to let Go and let God work things out in your life the way that He wants to? If so, simply let go and let God!

Do you want to let go and let God in your life? Do you want or need God’s help in your life? If so, join us in this simple prayer;Blackwoman-looking-out-window

Holy Father God, creator of Heaven and Earth, thank you for the opportunity to read this message and thank you for guiding me in the way that I should go to further wait upon you for the improvements in my life’s circumstances that I am seeking you for and believing you for. I invite you into the midst of my circumstances and ask you for your guidance, for your help and for your protection as I continue to try and find my way through the maze of problems that have seized me.  Thank you in advance Father that you have heard me and that you will come into the midst of my circumstances and turn them around with your amazing solutions that will defeat my overwhelming and seemingly impossible problems in your perfect timing and in your perfect way. I am letting go God, In Jesus’s precious name I ask and pray, Amen.