How’s Your Relationship with God?

What is the most important thing to you in your life? Some might say that it is their spouse or their children. Others might say it is their job. Still others would admit that God is most important in their life.

Many things in everyone’s lives fall into the category of importance. And some of those things carry more weight or importance than others. Certainly it’s important to keep your grass mowed, but paying your bills on time would be much more of a priority.

And so, as we go about our daily lives we take care of many things that are important and necessary. We nourish the relationship we have with our special someone. If we have children then we take care of them the best we can. We manage to secure employment so that we can eat, have shelter and take care of our other responsibilities.

And then of course, there is the personal relationship that we have with God.

Some people do not have a relationship with God. They rarely give God any thought and just go about their business. Some feel that God put us here, and now that we’re here we should just do the best that we can.

On the other hand, there are those who work very hard at trying to live their life for God. They speak about God in almost every sentence. They are involved in lots of activities. They are very busy doing what they believe is God’s will.  But what about having a personal and close relationship with God? Do You really have a personal and close relationship with God? Do you Know Him?

You could have someone do work at your house and never have a relationship with them. They could come over for two weeks to do a project, work very hard, do a great job, but still not have any kind of relationship with you, other than getting your work done.

The question then is, does God just want us to be his busy worker bees, or, does He want to have a very close and personal relationship with each of us?  We believe that the later is true.

We have been studying and teaching this topic for a number of months now. It has becomes obvious to us that there is nothing in life that could be, or should be, of any greater importance than our personal relationship with God. Why? Because it affects every aspect of our lives. A personal relationship with God will sustain you through the good, the bad, and the ugly times of your life!

That being said, it presupposes that we would indeed want God to be involved in every aspect of our lives. But, why you might wonder, should we want God to be involved in every aspect of our lives? Or, do you think we should only think of God when we want or need something?

So, how does one go about developing and nourishing a relationship with the Almighty? After all, He is the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Engaging in a personal relationship with God pays more dividends that you could ever use up in this lifetime in more ways than one. Having a persoanl relationship with God is not only rewarding, it gives you assurance that no matter what, God’s gotcha.

While there are a number of simple, yet dynamic aspects of this topic, and not adequate room to get into any great detail in this article, consider the basics. Ask yourself how would you go about developing and nourishing a relationship with someone else that really mattered to you? Whatever your answer to that question is, use that as a starting point to begin a deep and personal relationship with God. If you already have a personal relationship with God, inquire of Him and ask Him to lead you to higher degrees of intimacy,  so that you can get to know Him in new and unique ways.

Start a conversation with God!  Talk to Him! Speak to God, listen for Him however He may choose to speak to you or however, He may choose to reveal Himself to you.  It is so simple, yet, for so many, sadly they feel unworthy to do so. It may be due to sin consciousness or condemnation. People feel unworthy to approach God, yet the Bible declares that God has taken care of that for us in the completed work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

While many are waiting on God, He in fact is waiting on us. He is waiting for us to believe in what His Son accomplished for us. He is waiting for us to believe that he has made us accepted because we have believed in his Son. He is waiting for us to come to Him and have a close personal relationship with Him.

So, again, from a practical side, you can begin by taking the time to just talk to Him. About what? About everything. Open up your whole heart; tell Him all that is on your heart and mind. Thank Him for what He has done for you; ask Him for the things that you need. In short, make time to spend time with your Heavenly Father.

When two people engage in a relationship, they make time for each other and spend time with each other. But, it doesn’t become a big deep relationship overnight. It takes time. But the more time you invest into developing the relationship, the more it will continue to grow.

Isn’t it much better to develop a close personal relationship with God instead of just calling out to God for help in a crisis? The greater our relationship with God the more confidence we will have in trusting Him for His help. It really ought to be the most important thing in our lives.


If you don’t have a personal relationship with God,or if you would like to get to know God in new and unique ways, join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God, Father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to become your child. Thank you for Jesus. I want a personal relationship with you and would like the opportunity to get to know you in new and unique ways. I invite you to come into my life, my circumstances, and my heart and become my Heavenly Father. I ask that you walk with me, talk with me and guide me in the way that I should go. I invite your 1 and only Son, Jesus Christ, to become my personal Lord and Savior to take full control of my life so that I can do, be and become all that you have created me to be, In Jesus’s name, I ask and pray – Amen!

M. A. Verdicchio & “The WIN International Ministries Team”