Are you facing impossible situations?

If you’ve been walking with God any length of time then we’re sure that you have quickly found out that the road that you have to travel as you follow God is often rough, tough and downright terrible some times. From winding roads, to potholes in the roads to detours that take you in directions that you don’t want to go in, to things that happen that try your faith, your patience and your nerves, following God can be hard. We’ve found that trying to follow God as He leads can make you uncertain and anxious about what God plans to do next in your life. We’ve also found that walking with God can be especially tough when as you follow God, you have no clue where you are going, how you are going to get there or why on earth things are happening as they are. What about you? Have you ever been confused as you followed God? Have you found yourself in tight spots and rough spots with meager resources? What impossible situation have you found yourself in as you have tried to follow God? Or are you in an impossible situation now?

Have ever been sick in your body and needed healing only to stay sick for a long time with no apparent cures on the horizon despite fervent prayers to God for healing? Have you ever known someone who has stayed sick despite doctor’s visits, medicines and constant prayers? Have you ever been so tired of going through it until you just gave up in frustration believing that your situations were impossible and would never change? We have, and we’ve found that situations such as these we’ve deemed to be impossible situations. Situations such as these we notice do not respond to traditional medicine, do not respond to traditional prayers and do not respond to traditional therapies, but if God decides to get involved in these impossible situations, we’ve found that these impossible situations will respond to God. Since so many people around the world are facing impossible situations, we decided to share 2 things we’ve noticed about why God does not respond to some impossible situations;

1. We’ve found that really bad situations such as long standing unresolved sickness, financial problems that never get any better, relationship problems that remain unresolved, lack of opportunities, failing businesses and failing ministries need God’s supernatural power to intervene into our natural realm to make changes that only God can. But sometimes as much as we all may want a “certain result” to occur, we’ve found that sometimes, it is not always God’s desire to intervene to change things, sometimes He has another plan, sometimes He doesn’t want to change the situations He may want to change you. Sometimes you might think your circumstances are impossible, but oftentimes, God is merely allowing your situations to persist because He is issuing you an invitation to connect with Him on a higher level through allowing your bad circumstances to persist. Sometimes, your bad circumstances persist because God wants to meet with you, and He wants you to get to know Him on another level. So what you think is impossible, is God beckoning you to come to Him in prayer and meet Him on another level. What you think is an impossible situation could be God beckoning you to meet with Him in the supernatural realm where He dwells so that He can build your faith, heal your mind, fix your emotions, fix your memories, restore your passion and fix your will to go on. Sometimes you are stuck in your problems not because of the problems, but it is because it might be you that God wants and needs to fix.

2 .Sometimes impossible situations drag on for years despite prayers, despite medical treatments, and despite “those praying having a little faith” because God hears constant murmuring and constant complaining about what is not going right and what is not happening. You see, God wants and is looking for real “belief” in Him. Real trust in Him. Real faith in Him and real gratitude for what He has already done and real gratitude for what is going right rather than what is going wrong. God longs to be believed. He longs to be trusted. He wants to see you happy and appreciative to Him for what He’s already done rather than hear and see constant complaining about what He has not done. Sometimes impossible situations drags on and remains unresolved for days, weeks, months and even years because there is insufficient faith in God for what is being asked for to manifest. God wants you to really believe for the “impossible” and if you live in a state of constant doubt, unbelief and uncertainty, the “Impossible that you might be asking God for and seeking God for will never happen”. “Hebrews 11:6 states, “Without FAITH, it is impossible to please God”. For the impossible to happen, You must really believe that God exists and that He will reward you because you sought Him”. When your problems do not respond to traditional methods and traditional remedies, you have to have extremely high faith in God beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is able, willing and will do the thing that you are asking and believing Him for. You must be willing to stand for extremely long periods of time, and be able to continue to wage war in the spiritual realm against the forces of darkness and you have to keep interceding before God until the impossible situation that you seek to get fixed from God manifests. If you have “little”faith or you are not really sure that what you’re asking for will happen, it usually will not happen.

Matthew 19:26 states “with God all things are possible”, and while we’ve found this statement to be true, we’ve also found that God does not desire to do the impossible in every one’s life, but if you are one of the ones that He wants to do the impossible in lives, He is issuing you an invitation today to meet with Him in the supernatural realm where He dwells. He is issuing you an invitation to get to know Him on a new and deeper level. He wants to build your faith. He wants to change your discontent with your current life to a life of contentment. Let Him reveal to you His way. Let Him reveal to you if He is willing to do the impossible in your life so that you can step out of the ordinary to the extraordinary where “Miracles are everyday occurrences and each day is magic”!

Want to seek God for the impossible to happen in your life? Join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God,

Holy Father, creator of Heaven and Earth. I do want to see the impossible happen in my life, if I am one of the ones you’ve chosen to perform the impossible in my life, I invite you in my life because I do want to get to know you on a new level. I want you to build my faith and show me how to handle any and all problems that may be causing undue stress and heartache on me. Father, fix my tired body, heal my overworked mind. Change my discontentment to contentment so that murmuring and complaining can be a thing of my past and not part of the bright new future that you are leading me to. Create in me a clean heart, and a pure spirit and allow Jesus Christ to come into my life to become my personal Lord and Savior so that I may be the recipient of the “impossible manifesting in my life”, In Jesus name I ask and pray- Amen