~Twas the night before Christmas!

Here we are closer to Christmas, than we’ve ever been, can you believe it? Christmas is tomorrow!  Are you ready for it? We sure are! We too have made our list, and we’ve checked it twice. We have given our biggest gift of all to God! Everyone here at the ministry decided to each individually decide on what gift we would bring to God individually and then as a group, we decided and agreed upon what gift we would bring God collectively as a group to show God how much we love and appreciate Him for Who He is and for all that He does for us. But what about you, here we are, the day before Christmas and soon it will be the night before Christmas, have you decided yet, what gift you will bring to God this year for Christmas? If you have, we applaud you for being quick to decide what gift you will bring to God, if you have not, we encourage you to use this day before Christmas, this night before Christmas to firmly decide, what gift you will bring to God this year in consideration for all that He’s given you and for all that He has done for you. For ideas and tips on what gift you can bring to God, we encourage you to reread the article that we posted entitled, “What Gift will you bring”;



Well, whether you’re ready for Christmas or not, you should know by now, that Christmas is coming whether you want it to or not. Additionally, the mad dash to get those last minute Christmas gifts is on,  traffic is off the chain hectic, and people are either traveling to get where they want or need to be for Christmas, or they have already arrived where they plan to spend Christmas this year.  If you spent time with God on yesterday during your suggested “Silent Night, Holy Night”, God has already begun a transformation process in your life. As we’ve said before, the real meaning of Christmas is really not the gifts, the toys, the shiny new gadgets, and not even the family gatherings, it is another opportunity for you to experience God’s love in action, another opportunity for you to celebrate and applaud God for His unselfish sacrifice of giving us Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, and another opportunity for you to open your heart, to receive transformation in your life that only God can give you.

Your Christmas doesn’t have to be drab, lonely and boring this year, just because it may not be what you want it to be or just because you may not feel in the Christmas Spirit. If your Christmas is lacking, allow God to fill the empty spaces that may be present in your life, allow God to bring peace where there was chaos in your life, allow God to fix what was broken this day/night before Christmas. Family tension, financial woes and holiday depression is usually at an all-time high this time of the year, God understand this that is why, he wants to draw you to Him as much as possible so that He can undo the damage that has been done by “The world’s systems of dysfunction”.

Listen, if  God was able to help and sustain Mary the mother of Jesus on the long journey she had to travel when she was pregnant with Jesus, more than 2000 years ago, certainly He is able to help and sustain you this Christmas.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, was isolated, tired, thirsty, broken, depressed, discouraged and she almost passed out and fainted from being pregnant with Jesus Christ.  Mary knew that it was not time for Jesus to be born when she was a few months pregnant and traveling with Joseph. She knew that because she was pregnant with the son of God, God would help her. She also understood that her pain was only a part of the process that had been ordered by God prior to her being able to deliver Jesus Christ into the world.  Mary could have given up and quit and she could have complained constantly, but she did not. Mary knew like we know, that any short term pain that God allows is well worth the long term pleasure and the results that you will get as a result of staying your course and finishing your course well that God has set you on. When God takes you through a process, the end results that God gives you far outweighs the momentary afflictions that you have had to endure. “For your present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for you a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! If you find yourself currently in painful circumstances or if you are currently suffering in any way, what you’re going through is similar to what Mary had to endure, it’s just a part of God’s process. Just like God helped Mary through it, He will help you through it. So if your Christmas is terrible, lonely, dark, bleak, or depressing,  count it all joy, because God is up to something, and if you don’t get very tired of it all and just quit now or ever, you will reap a harvest, that really will be worth it, even if it is significantly after ~Twas  the night before Christmas -Galatians 6:9