Have you failed? Let God help you succeed next time!

“Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart. On the inside…not a day goes by without His unfolding Grace – 2 Corinthians 4:9”


Does it seem like you’ve been knocked down repeatedly no matter how hard you try? Have you tried what you’ve thought to be everything and feel like you’ve failed repeatedly? If you have, don’t be discouraged, we’ve been there too and know exactly how you feel! But we’ve learned that when it seems like you’ve failed repeatedly and when it seems like you’ve been defeated, when you surrender it to God, He can change  what was a terribly bad failing ending and use it to reposition you and give you even greater victories in your life. God looks at defeat and failures in each of our lives  differently from the way we look at them. Most of us look at defeat as hurtful, terrible and just downright awful. God looks at the defeats and failures in our lives as perfect opportunities that open the door for His power and presence to be able to come into our lives and do what only He can for us.  If God never allowed it to get so dark in our lives, we would never get a chance to see the brilliance of His marvelous light and how He is able to save, deliver and heal in spite of the overwhelming odds being stacked against us! It is in this way that God is able to develop closer relationships with us, He is able to build our faith in Him  and He is able to give us firsthand knowledge of who He is and to what extent He’s willing to display His power and presence in our lives as our Heavenly father!


So if you’ll look at your defeats and failure the same way God sees them, you won’t waste so much time and energy entertaining the demons of depression, doubt and regret when they happen. You may have tried repeatedly and failed, and that’s okay, failure gives you the opportunity to take a look at what has happened and prompts you to take the steps necessary to make new and better choices the next time. Failure affects some people so negatively that they just stop and refuse to go on and refuse to go forward. Don’t let that happen to you! You’ll win if you don’t give up and quit! God wants and expects you to try your best at whatever He has called you to do or whatever He has put before you, He wants and expects you to do all that you know to do and all that you can do. Your trying to God is more important than you not trying!  If you really have tried and it’s not working and if you don’t have the strength or desire to even want to try again because you’ve gotten sick and tired of having to go through it, simply invite God into your circumstances and ask Him to help you be able to succeed next time.

Thomas Edison tried thousands of experiments before he was able to produce an acceptable light bulb. If you have failed at anything you’ve tried, we encourage you to look at your failure as a fresh opportunity – not a final defeat. Invite God to help you succeed next time.  Hand your failures to God and then allow Him the opportunity to help you succeed next time! When Paul was shipwrecked he used it to preach the Gospel. When he was thrown in prison, he wrote books that are still being read 2,000.00 years later. He said to those that were concerned about him, “Now I want you to know, brothers that what has happened to me has really served to advance the Gospel”-Philippians 1:12

Failing to at least try is the greatest failure anyone can experience, for if you don’t make the attempt to at-least try, you’ve failed already. You may have tried many times to change. You may have tried to go forward and found nothing but stumbling blocks, detours, bumps in the road and setbacks in your path but we encourage you to be like us and not allow road blocks, setbacks, detours, bumps in the road and stumbling blocks to stop you from going forward and trying to do the best you can with what God has given you. We’re encouraging you to attempt absolutely extraordinary things without worrying about the possibility of failure. So go for it, think about it for a while, what have you failed at repeatedly? Is it marriage, looking for a job, a business that doesn’t have enough resources, or finances, failing health, the list could go on and on. Simply ask God to guide your steps so that you will be successful next time and then become alert and aware of how God will begin to guide you! If you are willing to stay the course with God, even though it may seem to be taking a very long time, with God’s help you’ll succeed next time and you will win and not fail!


Want to invite God to help you succeed next time?
Join us in this simple prayer!

Dear God,

I’m inviting you to come into my current circumstances and my current failures and help me change them from failures to success. Guide me along the right pathways with you father God according to your plans and purposes for my life to enable me to be able to succeed in the things that you’ve placed on my heart to be able to accomplish. Father, refresh and revive me so that I may not pass out and faint from the dryness, the barrenness and the heavy loads that I tend to carry. Satisfy my thirst for you in this dry and parched land and help me become successful father. I invite Jesus Christ to continue to be my  personal Lord and savior, allow Him to transform me and , my way of thinking  so that He may continue to strengthen me and I will be able to go on and finish my race in this game of life with excellence and integrity. In Jesus’s name, I ask and pray – Amen